Metricool Pricing. Which plan is best for you?

Carlos Bravo
10 March, 2022

If you have looked into Metricool’s pricing, you can see that Metricool’s free plan allows you to manage one brand across a multitude of social networks.

However, you might be wondering if you should go to the next level and become a premium member. First you may need first to understand the differences between Premium vs. Free Metricool plans and know which plan best suits your needs.

Metricool Premium Plans

Metricool’s pricing plans differ depending on how many brands you need to manage, how you want to optimize your time, and grow your online presence. 

If you want to grow, you need a social media management tool that make your life easier and help speed up the process. This is where Metricool’s premium plan comes into play. 

What are Metricool Premium plans?

Metricool: Pro 5 Plan

The Pro 5 version of Metricool is the cheapest of the premium plans.

It allows you to manage up to 5 brands with their social profiles. That is, five brands with their respective social media and ad platforms associated, including LinkedIn that is not available in free plans.

With this subscription, you can download custom reports, have access to performance analytics of your SmartLinks, unlimited storage of metrics, Instagram and TikTok hashtags search engine, and be able to analyze more competitors. 

The Pro 5 also brings these advantages over the free plans. 

  • You can schedule up to 2,000 posts per month instead of 50.
  • You can add up to 100 competitors instead of 5, with the advantage of changing or deleting them whenever you want.
  • You can add up to 10 competitors on YouTube. This feature is not available in free plans. 

This plan is for you if your business manages multiple brands or clients. Save time with this social media management tool and make informed decisions based on metrics. 

 ❌ The drawbacks: The Pro plans don’t have access to Data Studio, the possibility to add team members, and the customization of reports is more limited. 

▶️ $12/mo annual payment or 18 US$ with a monthly payment

Sign up here and subscribe to a Pro 5 plan

Metricool pricing does not include VAT. This tax will be applied depending on the country your business is located in. 

Metricool: Pro 10 Plan

The Premium Pro 10 plan is an extended version of the Pro 5 plan. It gives you access to the same features.

If your company grows and you start managing more clients, you can upgrade to a Pro 10 plan to manage up to 10 different brands or clients from Metricool.

▶️ $19/mo annual payment or 29 US$ with a monthly payment

Subscribe to Metricool’s Pro 10 plan 

Metricool: Team 15 Plan

Whats happens if your business keeps growing, and the PRO plans fall short? Then you need to upgrade to Team plans. 

The Team 15 allows you to manage up to 15 brands with their social networks associated. One profile of each network per brand. In addition, you can now share your account with other members of your team or clients. There is no limit in the number of members you can add.

Also, you will have access to Google Data Studio and our API, and will be able to customize your reports 100%.

Lastly, the number of monthly posts you can schedule from Metricool increases to 5,000.

If you are already a consolidated company or marketing agency with multiple members in your team, Metricool’s Team plans are the solution. It will become the main dashboard where you can monitor your team’s work and improve your performance on social media. 

▶️ $35/mo annual payment or 49 US$ with a monthly payment

Start your TEAM 15 plan here

Metricool: Team 25 Plan

Congratulations! Your client portfolio keeps growing. You and your team are happy with the Team 15 plan, but it’s not enough to manage your portfolio. 

The Team 25 plan will come in handy: the same features as the Team 15 but with more brands for a total of 25.

▶️ $55/mo annual payment or 79 US$ with monthly payment.

Create your TEAM 25 plan here

Metricool: Enterprise Plan

You set the limits at work. The Enterprise plan at Metricool will take you beyond the next level.

With this subscription, you have all the advantages mentioned before, plus the availability to now manage up to 50 accounts. In addition, you will be able to schedule up to 10,000 posts per month.

You will also have access to Metricool’s white-label feature to integrate Metricool into your own web application or tool to offer Metricool’s features within your own product.

▶️ $119/mo annual payment or 159 US$ with a monthly payment

Register here and become an Enterprise member

Do you manage more than 50 brands?

No problem. There is also the possibility to create a tailored plan for you if 50 brands fall short. 

Differences Premium vs. Free Metricool

If you have just started and are in the process of testing your business or agency, the best option is to start with a free account. Although Metricool’s pricing for premium plans is very attractive for its price and features, our recommendation is to start slowly and climb up the ladder as your business grows.

With the Metricool’s free plan, you can manage one brand. You can schedule content, find out the best hours to post, use one SmartLink for your social media profiles, create autolists to post periodically, and analyze your social media competitors.

premium vs free metricool

As you can see, Metricool’s pricing is designed for each person, depending on your needs. If you are not sure which plan is best for you, you can always ask us in our live chat to solve your questions, right away. 

You can check out this mega tutorial that we have prepared to understand all our features.

Do you have any questions about the Premium vs Free Metricool plans? We will read your comments. 👇🏻

Carlos Bravo


  1. Cris

    Hi! Can you cooperate on the same post with fellow workers? I mean commenting and/or editing the same post, once it’s in the schedule calendar. Thanks!

    • Carlos Bravo

      Hi Cris!

      We’re working on this feature to help you to cooperate with fellow workers. They can edit the post once the post is in the schedule calendar, but they can’t add comments or notes.

  2. Janire

    Hi! Is it possible to use internal tagging to create reports based on a specific group of posts? Thank you.

    • Carlos Bravo

      Hi Janire!

      It’s not possible because the posts are sorted by metrics: likes, comments, engagement, etc.

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