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02 March 2022

Pinterest is the social network for inspiration. If you are looking for ideas to decorate your home or new recipes to try, Pinterest is your place. The social network of pins has gone worldwide and brings inspiration for any topic or theme. So if you too are looking for new ideas, don’t worry, keep reading because today we bring you recommended Pinterest accounts that you have to follow.

7 Pinterest accounts you have to follow

We have created a list with the 7 best Pinterest accounts to be inspired on all kinds of topics: fashion, food, DIY products… So don’t wait any longer and discover them below…


Do you like cooking and are in search of new recipes? Then don’t hesitate to follow Tastemade, the Pinterest account with more than 10 million monthly views.

You will find recipes of all kinds: kebabs, brownies, potato pizza… Is your mouth watering? Well, there’s even more in if you check the account.

Food Bandits

Talking more about food… Food Bandits account is a must in your Pinterest following list.

Discover new recipes, get inspired by food photos, and enjoy the content. In addition, they have adapted allergy free recipes fit for all diets.


Indeed, the social network itself has its own account, and we advise you to follow it. 

You can find a wide range of topics: beautiful images, tips, news, recipes and fashion trends.

What are you waiting for to follow Pinterest on Pinterest?

Recommended Pinterest Accounts


The Pinterest world includes art, decoration, design… That is why a profile dedicated to architecture and design could not be missing from these top 7 Pinterest accounts.

Archilovers is an account specially directed to professionals in architecture and design from all over the world. 

Recommended Pinterest Accounts archilovers


Erica Chan’s Pinterest account has more than 100 Pinterest boards that are an excellent source for inspiration about DIY products, beauty, fashion, art, decoration…

But there is more. She also creates content on how to create your own products.

Kait Nicole

What about the world of hairstyling? You have to follow Kait Nicole if you like hairstyles: learn with her hair tutorials and watch videos of how they look.

Take a look at her Pinterest feed:

Recommended Pinterest Accounts kait nicole


If you like makeup, manicures, and everything related to the beauty industry, you must follow Sephora’s account on Pinterest.

Here you will find boards of all kinds and pins with its new products, how to use them, tips… 

And if you are a fan of the Pinterest world and you want to jump into this social network, I am sure this guide will help you:

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