What is LinkedIn recruiter and how does it work?

18 January 2022

LinkedIn is the ideal social network for employment to help users find a job. However, does it work the other way around when a company is looking for a candidate? The answer is yes. Let us introduce, LinkedIn Recruiter.

What is LinkedIn Recruiter?

LinkedIn Recruiter is the recruitment tool companies registered on LinkedIn use to choose the best candidate for their job.

In this case, LinkedIn works just the opposite. Companies look for the candidate and not the other way around.

So if you have a company page and are thinking of looking for candidates on LinkedIn Recruiter may interest you.

Advantages of LinkedIn Recruiter

If you want to carry out the hiring of a future candidate from LinkedIn, the Recruiter tool can be helpful to do it successfully.

Here are some advantages that will help you decide:

✅ Speed

One of the aspects that can hold you back when hiring on LinkedIn is time.

In the case with LinkedIn Recruiter, you will find the ideal candidates easily thanks to the amount of information you have. With filters to configure your search and recommendations to find the new perfect recruit, LinkedIn Recruiter creates time-efficient searches.

✅ Interaction

LinkedIn Recruiter allows you to increase and improve the interaction with candidates. In this LinkedIn “model”, you have InMail messages to reach users even if you don’t have their contact information. 

You can also create your templates or messages in bulk to write to several users simultaneously.


Promote communication in your company with Recruiter by sharing the profile or profiles with your teammates. They will have access to them even if they don’t have LinkedIn Recruiter.

Other features available are mentioning your colleagues or knowing how your InMails have performed.

How LinkedIn Recruiter Works

As you can see, access to LinkedIn Recruiter allows you to have advantages over other companies when it comes to choosing the ideal candidate for your job.

Now, what does this process all look like?

1 Search for the ideal candidate

The first step is the most important: start searching for candidates to cover a job position. 

Take advantage of the LinkedIn network and the more than 700 million part of it. Overcome third-degree connections and manage LinkedIn search filters to find the ideal person for your company.

Also, use smart recommendations: the tool learns from you to create this list of recommendations.

2 Follow the process and increase the interaction

With LinkedIn Recruiter, you have several options to improve the reach and keep track of your chosen candidates:

⚡️ Interact users who are also candidates for your job, follow the process, and add all the information to your calendar, so you don’t miss a thing.

⚡️ Contact them using InMail, prepare messages for several candidates and create personalized templates to streamline communication.

⚡️ Activate notifications to be aware of every update and respond instantly.

3 Organize your work plan

The time has come to put the cards on the table: organize the candidates to choose the best one.

You can manage everything from the Recruiter feature, see the profile of the candidate users and share everything with your team so that they are part of your decision.

Do you want to reply to any notification wherever you are?

Download the LinkedIn Recruiter app: reply to notifications, keep in touch with candidates, or broaden your search if you need to.

Available on Android and iOS.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

The ‘light’ version of LinkedIn Recruiter also exists.  This is your chance to take advantage of the premium features of the professional social network.

What differences are there with the top version?

✅ The target audience is different since the Lite version is optimized for SME (small and medium-sized enterprises).

The reach is less. The LinkedIn Recruiter Lite plan allows you to reach up to third-degree contacts, while with the premium version, you have access to the entire network.

✅ The information is more limited, as well as the search filters, which means spending more time in the selection of candidates. 

InMail messages are reduced by half, up to 30 messages per month compared to the 150 messages available for the more expensive options.

✅ With Lite, the possibility to work as a team or share reports is limited. Unlike the extended version with the multi-user panel, shared projects, or team mentions.

As you can see, the differences are significant. However each plan is designed depending on wether your company is large, an SME, or it depends on the volume of contracts you need to make during the year.

Now you know what LinkedIn Recruiter, how it works and how it differs from LinkedIn Recruiter Lite. If you are a large company, now is your time. Find your ideal candidates!

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 18 January 2022


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