Instagram Shadowban: What it is and how to avoid it

Sara Martín
30 July, 2019

What’s Instagram Shadowban?

Shadowbanning is the act of blocking content that has been published on social media platforms. However, users won’t be aware that their content is not displayed on non-followers’ feed, slowing and complicating the growth of their account.

If Instagram shadowbans a story, its reach will probably be affected in a negative way.

Instagram hasn’t officially confirmed these actions. However, they hint at it in their statements.



Instagram habla sobre el shadowban


Actions that might lead to be shadowbanned

Instagram hasn’t confirmed the reasons for what content is being shadowbanned. However, we know which actions fail to comply with Instagram’s rules and are considered spam on this social network.

These are some of the reasons that might cause shadowbanning:

 Use a software that transgresses Instagram Terms of Use

We can differentiate three actions that infringe Instagram policy and terms of use and might make be a victim of shadowbanning.

The use of software that publishes for you 

Use the help of software that publishes for you but it’s not authorized to do so, such as Onlypuly o Postcron. However, you can use Metricool as an alternative. Metricool respects Instagram’s Terms of Use and Conditions and instead of publishing for you, this tool will send you reminders with the content to be posted.

Find more information about how to program your Instagram’s post with Metricool here



The use of bots to help the growth of your audience artificially can lead to shadowban.

❌ Automatization

Lastly, if you have several Instagram accounts and you use automatization tools with any of them, the rest of the accounts might be affected because they share the same IP address.

The use of hashtags banned by Instagram

 We are talking about hashtags that Instagram blocks to avoid the wrong use of them. Most of them refer to adult content or porn, but you might be surprised to find some other hashtags apparently harmless in the blacklist: #17bitch #adiosbitchachos #dildos #fetish #balls #bang #bangbang, etc.

If you suspect that you might have been shadowbanned after using a hashtag, try this:

Search for a hashtag that you have used on your publications recently. If it appears in the search results, in theory, it seems there is no problem with it. However, if it doesn’t appear, you’d know that the hashtag used is banned by Instagram (temporarily or permanently)


Traspasar los límites de uso diario

There are some limits on Instagram regarding the daily use. If Instagram finds out that you infringe those limits, you might be shadowbanned. The limits are:

❌ Mass follow or unfollow people on Instagram (approximately 60 per hour)

❌ Make comments on a large scale (approximately 60 comments per hour)

❌ Mass like posts (aprox. 150 per hour)


To have been reported recently by someone else

When an account is reported, Instagram will analyze it in detail to identify if it is truly violating the terms of use or if it is uploading inappropriate content.

How to find out if you are a victim of shadowbanning

If you want to know whether you have been banned by Instagram or not, monitor your number of followers and interactions on your publications. If you realize that the traffic has decreased on your Instagram profile unexpectedly, one of the reasons could be that you have been banned by this platform.

How to stop being shadowbanned

If you believe that you have been shadowbanned by Instagram and you don’t know how to stop it, we share with you some techniques to get rid of it:

📌 Stop using third-party tools

If you use tools or bots to manipulate Instagram to get more likes, followers or to program on Instagram directly stop using them.

 📌 Delete hashtags

Although it might be tiresome, don’t procrastinate. Try to locate all your hashtags and check whether they have been banned or not.  Once you delete the ones that Instagram doesn’t like, your account will stop being shadowbanned.

📌  Report the issue on Instagram 

If you consider that you didn’t do anything wrong or inappropriate or think that you’ve been already taken all the necessary actions to eliminate shadowbanning, but your content is still banned, report this situation to Instagram to get it solved.


The info about

how to contact Instagram here

📌Switch to a personal account and vice versa

If you have a personal account, try to convert it into a business account or vice versa to avoid being shadowbanned.

Rumor has it that Instagram uses shadowbanning to encourage business accounts to invest in Instagram ads.

Have you ever been shadowbanned?

Do you have any question?

Let us know!

Sara Martín



    For a lot of Instagram users, hashtags are one of the best ways to grow your engagement and attract new followers. And while Instagram has yet to confirm or deny a shadowban, it s important to be conscious of how you behave on the platform to avoid being penalized. We ll continue to update you as the Instagram shadowban story unfolds!

  2. Is That Alright

    Thanks for the post
    I knew How to find out if you were a victim of shadowbanning

  3. jak

    I found out that fake followers were added to my Instagram page by competitors, which has made my page a shadowban.
    I don’t know if fake likes have been added to my posts.
    But that’s a big drawback on Instagram.

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