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Alternatives to Linktree to add your Instagram link in bio

Instagram only allows one clickable link that is the one that appears in the bio. This is a limitation to drive traffic from Instagram to your website, contact forms or wherever you prefer. 

Linktree was born in 2015 to offer a solution to this problem, but this is not the only tool on the market and has its pros and cons.

Linktree Alternative: Metricool

Metricool’s link in bio is a great alternative to Linktree. Apart from the possibility of adding buttons on your bio, you will be able to make  your images clickable to drive followers to the site of your choice.

It sounds good, right?

Well, this is only the beginning.

Metricool Link offers multiple benefits:

✅ It lets you customize the buttons with the colors of your brand.

✅ The process of adding buttons and links to your images is easy and very intuitive.

✅ You can combine both buttons and links to your publications.

✅ You can add unlimited links.

✅ It doesn’t have a watermark.

Two different ways to add links on Instagram

Links on your publications

Something that you can’t do with Linktree is to add links to your Instagram publications. This is one of the advantages of using Metricool instead.

With this feature you can add links to your publications. If your followers click your Link in bio, they will have access to all the publications that are clickable. 

This is how it works:

  1. A follower is interested in learning more after seeing an image and the caption.
  2. Then, they click on the Instagram link in bio and once there, they will see all the clickable publications.
  3. If they tap one image, they will be driven to the URL attached.

Buttons with links

With Metricool’s Instagram link, you can configure customized buttons to drive your community to your documents, videos or URLs.

✅ Add as many buttons and links as you want.

✅ Personalize the colors of each button or all of them at the same time. 

✅ Change the order of the buttons.

✅ Combine buttons with clickable images.

Have a look at the following example that includes both buttons and publications with links. 

It is your choice!

As you can see Metricool’s link is a great alternative to Linktree.

The most economic plan starts from $12. If you decide to subscribe to Metricool, you will benefit from many other features, amongst them:

→ Planning your Instagram posts and discover your best hours.

Using this link on 5 different Instagram accounts.

Managing and planning on other social networks such as your LinkedIn personal profile or company page, Google My Business, Facebook group or page, Twitter and YouTube. 

→ Plus inbox management, automa ted and custom reports, competitor analysis, etc.

Resaltar la oferta de alguna forma

Everything included along with the Instagram link feature.

Use the code TRYNOW 

and try this tool with all the features during 15 days for free

Metricool is a wonderful alternative for Linktree that gives you the chance to manage, analyze and plan your social networks in the same place.

We are waiting for you!


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