Isabel Romero
22 February, 2021

Clientify was born with the objective of bringing the inaccessible Inbound Marketing tools to all types of companies with tight budgets. Clientify is like an all-terrain vehicle for Inbound Marketing with a Ferrari engine at a BMW price. A marketing automation platform that offers all the necessary tools to convert Inbound Marketing into sales: From creating landings, tracking sales, to building email marketing funnels. In addition, with Clientify Metricool’s integration, they now also offer social media analytics and scheduling features. 

Fran López, Clientify’s CEO gives us more details

What drove you to integrate Metricool into Clientify?

Our objective has always been a kind of “Swiss army knife” for digital marketing tools, and with this integration we have optimally solved the possibility of publication and analysis of social networks for our users.

Now our users have one of the most demanded features in the field of digital marketing without having to change tools or use additional versions.

What have been the results obtained after integration?

Well, it is still a bit early to evaluate the impact of the integration, but for now, we can definitively say that it has saved us a lot of development time.

Clientify + Metricool the perfect tandem 

The success of integrating Metricool with Clientify is that small and medium-sized companies can use tools and technology from large companies but on tight budgets.

Fran López [Clientify,s CEO]

How was the Metricool integration process?

Easy. Not having to maintain many integrations with each and every one of the APIs of the different social networks is a big step forward for us, so integrating a single tool saved us from many problems.

What would you highlight about Metricool?

The simplicity and stability.

Isabel Romero


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