How to create a marketing strategy

Sandra Parrilla
14 September, 2021

5 guidelines for creating a marketing strategy

Creating an effective marketing strategy involves having a defined roadmap that guides you towards your goals.

There are different ways to develop a content marketing strategy and branding plan. What is essential is to follow an effective method, and this is what you are going to learn today: The five points of a successful methodology. 

1: Analyze and Reflect

Know your current situation to know where to start with your content marketing strategy: What does my company do? At what point are we? How does the competition do it?

Analysis of the company

Before starting to work, it is essential to analyze where your company is.

It is best to go from the general to the particular.

Take a picture of the business and refine it by departments and even specific tasks.

You must check:

➡️ The business strategy, are you clear about where it is going and what your plans are to achieve it?

➡️ The team of professionals that make up the team.

➡️  Coordination between work areas and professionals to attain the objectives.

➡️ The marketing, advertising, and communication actions carried out at the moment.

➡️The analysis and information of the economic status of the company.

➡️ The classic DAFO analysis helps to detect and remember the positive areas and the areas for improvement.

Context analysis

It is necessary to think in which scene you move and with which audiences you interact.

❓ Who is your competition

❓ In what position is each of the competitors

❓ What is your position with respect to them and in the market

You should also know your target audience. Where is it? How old are you? What interests you?

This information will be helpful to carry out your strategy.


All this analysis work should lead to an intense reflection exercise to focus on where you are going and how you are going to travel the road, that is to say, to define the strategic line that will guide your actions in the long term.

It is the point of light that you should not lose sight of, and that will guide you in moments of doubt.

2: Set objectives and channels

Every strategy is materialized in objectives to be achieved. 

You should not limit a minimum or a maximum number of objectives but put as many as necessary to achieve the established strategy.

Setting objectives is not an easy task. You have to think that they are achievable and measurable, that they are ambitious enough for the team to strive for and motivate themselves at the same time, and that it is possible to check the status of their achievement.

The achievement of these objectives is accomplished through actions that are developed through tasks in different channels. Therefore, this is the natural order that you should apply to your marketing strategy.

1 Strategy

1.1 Objectives

1.1.1 Channels and actions

Many channels allow you to develop your marketing actions. We can distinguish between physical and digital:

Offline channels

Physical advertising media, events, street actions, training…The number and form of offline marketing channels and actions is numerous. To succeed with this part you will have to start with Guideline 4.

Online channels

Among the most common you can distinguish:

➡️ Social Networks

➡️ Newsletters

➡️ Podcasts ad online TV

➡️ Digital publicity

➡️ Link Building and guest blogging

3: Use tools that make your life easier

Time is of the essence and making the most of it is vital to maximize work time without involving overexertion or personal sacrifice. For this, some tools can help you plan your work and your Marketing Strategy:


It is a tool with which to organize teamwork in the company.

With Slack, it is possible to:

Permanently add members or guests.

✅ Have private conversations between two members

✅ Organize workgroups, whether closed or open.

Share files, check history.

Connect it to other applications like Trello, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Hangouts, Dropbox, Google Drive, Giphy, and many more.


Social networks are indispensable channels for a good content marketing strategy.

Depending on the company strategy, the actions in the networks and the presence in them will be different.

LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google My Business are the most powerful networks.

In them, we can:

✅ Post or place ads.

✅ Listen to the different audiences or target audience.

✅ Monitor what the competition is doing.

✅ Take the pulse of the different scenarios that interest us.

Doing this individually requires a high investment of time and effort. To streamline everything related to communication and digital marketing, Metricool is the solution that allows us to analyze, manage, and measure the campaigns and content that we create on the different networks, including Google My Business, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads.

It is an intuitive platform to feed various profiles and accounts without wasting time and maximizing the information we can extract.


Advertising is another of the bases on which any brand strategy is sustained and promoted. Working on branding, that is, taking care of the company’s image and promoting the entry of leads and sales, is essential for the survival and development of any type of business.

Traditionally and until recently, advertising has been somewhat costly in terms of financial investment and professional endeavors, as it was negotiated on very specific terms. And this was complicated when the online configuration demanded a very high level of language and technical knowledge.

ONiAd is the simplest solution on the market to develop digital advertising campaigns. It is used by both SMEs and large corporations due to the time it saves and its intuitive nature.

ONiAd is the technology that allows the autonomous creation, management, and monitoring of digital advertising performance, giving the user full control regarding the investment to be made, how the advertising appears, and how to manage payments and campaigns.

Mailchimp or Sendinblue

In the marketing strategy, communications to the various target audiences are an avenue you should not neglect. The periodic emails in newsletter format are an attractive and visual way of providing the critical information that you consider at all times to refresh their brand image and make them part of the milestones.

Creating these types of posts can be a streamlined and even entertaining task with programs like Sendinblue or Mailchimp. Both are platforms that provide templates to work with and modules to configure your own design. In addition, it allows us to save your designs to reuse them on future occasions.

4: Be creative

Finding inspiration through the behaviors and actions of other companies is a source of work, but it should not be the only one.

You should not fall into copying or imitating others who do it well, but this inspiration should lead us to look for what makes you different, what is your own voice and image.

Some people are born creative. However, if that’s not your strength, don’t give up. You can encourage your creative side. These tips will help you:

✅ Take distance from your tasks. Try to abstract yourself to think clearly.

✅ Spend time thinking.

✅ Simplify ideas.

✅ Get away from the screen. Take paper and pencil, colors, make diagrams, sketch ideas …

✅ Work as a team, ask for opinions, constructive criticism.

✅ Do not stagnate. Continue, even if you are not sure where you are. 

✅ Use tools that help you create designs and banners, especially if you are not an expert. You use free tools such as Canva.

5: Analyze and measure

A strategy is not complete if you cannot compare results and know what you have achieved concerning your previously established goals.

Measuring is an essential task to check the performance of the actions carried out and if you are on the right path to achieve the objectives with your strategy.

It is wise to include external tools to generate reports with your performance, like Metricool and ONiAd.

↪️ With Metricool, you can generate personalized reports with your logo. In addition, the tool allows you to save reusable templates and download the data you want in PDF or PPT.

↪️ Along the same lines, ONiAd automatically generates campaign reports. The tool allows you to see the performance data of your campaigns in real-time. In addition, it allows you to download the reports at any time in Excel or PDF format and also schedule them to receive them by email.

These tools, not only will save you time. They are a valuable source of data that nourish the development of the company. They are a support and impulse to the defined strategy.

Sandra Parrilla


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