What is Facebook Business Manager?

24 August 2021

If you work every day with Facebook and the ads on the platform, you will have heard of Facebook Business Manager, right?

Facebook Business Manager is a free tool on Facebook that allows you to manage all marketing decisions of your company: ad campaigns on your fan page or on Instagram, products in a shop, etc.

Facebook Business Manager tool is perfect for you if you are a:

➡️ Social Media Manager: you manage Facebook Ads campaigns for external clients.

️ Business Owner: you have an online store, and you want to add products to your Facebook catalog.

️ Marketing Agency: you work with various clients or companies, and you manage several Facebook accounts.

️ Companies: you are a company with Facebook or Instagram Ads as part of your marketing strategy.

How to Create Facebook Business Manager

The first thing you need to know when creating a Facebook Business Manager account is that you need to have a personal profile and a fan page.

Without them, you can’t access the business page.

If you already have a Facebook account and a fan page, you can skip this step. If not, you can find out here how to open a Facebook account and how to create a Facebook business page.

1. Go to the Business page

To create a Facebook business account, please follow the official link: https://business.facebook.com/

2. Click on ‘Create Account’

At the top right, you will see the ‘Create Account’ button. By default, Facebook will use the account you are logged into. 

If you are not logged in, you will have to do so.

3. Fill in the Information

Facebook will open a window with all the information you have to provide to open a business account: name of the company, email, etc.

Once that is filled in, click on ‘Create Account’.

4. Start Working!

You have now created your Facebook Business Manager account. Now you can add Facebook pages, create admin roles, payment accounts, etc.

What does the Facebook Business Manager offer if you already have a personal profile, and you are creating ads? Keep reading!

Pros of using Facebook Business Manager 

This section contains all the key features of Facebook Business Manager and will be of interest to you if you have any doubts about using it.

What can you do with the Facebook Ads Manager? 

Create ads

From your business account control panel, you can create ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram: creating the format, the type of campaign, and the budget for each one. 

Assign roles

One of the most interesting features of the Business Manager is that you can assign roles to other users, share responsibilities and work as a team. For agencies with several social media accounts, this is a really useful option. 

Analyze statistics

With Facebook Business Manager you have access to a large amount of data and statistics about your ad campaigns e.g. clicks, CTR, conversions, etc.

Manage other tools

If you have an Instagram account, and you want to start making campaigns, you can also manage this through Business Manager. 

You have everything you need to manage it all with the same tool: your Facebook and Instagram campaigns, just in one place.

Manage several Facebook pages

Essential for a marketing or social media agency is to be able to work with numerous clients at once.

With this tool, you can add and work with different pages and manage the marketing side of more than one client at a time.

Separate your personal and professional accounts

From your control panel you can create ads, manage campaigns, but isn’t it tiring to have your personal and professional pages mixed together at the same place?

With Facebook Business Manager, you can access your company page directly and forget about your personal account. 

And what if we say that you can have everything related to your Facebook Ads, Instagram and original posts all on the same platform? 

Facebook Ads with Metricool

With Metricool you have Business Management in a single platform: manage ad campaigns, measure your results and get information about their performance.

Metricool for Facebook Ads shows everything you need to know for your Facebook Ads strategy. 

What can you do on Facebook Ads with Metricool?

Create ad campaigns

When making your first ad on Facebook, Metricool simplifies the whole creation process so that you can start as soon as possible.

A quick and simple process that allows you to streamline your work. Create, review and post.

Consult the metrics of your campaigns

Boost the efficiency of your campaigns by consulting their daily performances with Metricool. An essential element for making decisions as you go, about how they are performing.

General statistics, detailed information, you won’t leave anything to chance!

​​ Generate efficiency reports

If you are a freelance social media officer or a communications agency, the option to create comprehensive reports with Metricool will brighten your day.

The simplest way of collating information and data about your campaigns, as well as personalizing it with your client’s logo, a small detail they will appreciate.

All you need to do is cross-check the data from your Facebook Ads account with Metricool. 

It is as simple as clicking on Facebook Ads and ‘Connect Account’, or clicking on the user’s button at the top right and going through the connections section.

Do you have more than one business account? Connect each one with the corresponding Facebook Ads account to start working on it with Metricool.

Now you have no excuse to manage and operate your Facebook and Instagram campaigns, as you can do so by choosing Facebook Business Management or Metricool. 

Get to work and start reaching a much bigger audience. 

If you want to start your marketing strategy with Facebook Ads, here is a complete guide to succeeding on the social network. 

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 24 August 2021

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