How to create a Facebook business page

Sara Martín
14 June, 2022

Have you decided to create a Facebook business page for your company and you don’t know how? Let’s see step by step how to create one from scratch.

How to create a Facebook Business page?

Facebook page for business linked to your personal profile

At the moment, a Facebook business page must be linked to a personal account or profile that will be designated as the owner or administrator.

Before creating your business page, you must first create a personal account to be the administrator of your new page.

Create administrators to manage your Facebook business page

If you are not planning to manage your new page, it shouldn’t be a problem. You can hand over the ownership or administration to other profiles.

Next, follow these steps:

Log in to Facebook

Log in to your Facebook profile or create a specific one. Then click on the icon on the right that simulates tools, next to your username and the messenger icon.

When the drop-down menu opens, choose the Create page option and click on it.

Set up your Facebook business page

When you click Facebook takes you to a page to add the business account name, the category up to a maximum of three and a short description (up to 255 characters) of the business.

You can add any category you want. It must be registered on Facebook: you have to add the related keyword and the tool will suggest the category.

Also, while you are editing the different options, Facebook shows you the preview on the right in both mobile and desktop versions.

When you have everything, click on ‘Create page’.

how to create Facebook business page

Include a cover photo and a profile picture

The next step is to make your page very beautiful and for this you need a cover photo and a profile picture, as indicated by Facebook.

If you don’t have the images you are going to put on your page yet, don’t worry, click on ‘Save’ and solve the problem later.

Your freshly baked page is waiting for you, although Facebook will ultimately ask you if you want to connect WhatsApp Business with Facebook fan page. This is another step you can do now or later.

Optimize your Facebook business page

Now you have your new Facebook business page ready to succeed.

Remember to optimize it with the cover and profile photo if you haven’t already done so, start publishing content, set a post at the top of your wall, add a location and website, calls to action, etc.

Any extra that you add to your page and that helps to position it, will be a plus for your growth.

💡 So, you have already created your Facebook page!

Other settings for your Facebook business page

Once the page for your business has been created, you should consider other options such as:

Adding a brief description of your page

Clearly explain who you are, what you do, and what kind of solutions and benefits your brand offers. Including this information in your description is a good way to start.

Creating a user name for your page

Find a name that clearly identifies with your brand or business so it’s easier to find you on Facebook.

Adding a webpage

Add the webpage of your business so potential customers can access your page in an easy and direct way.

✅ Invite people who can like your page

Through Facebook you can invite people who are registered on the platform so they can see and ‘like’ your page.

This is a common method of growth on Facebook, but it is always advisable to invite people who are interested in your content so that they are useful followers and interact with what you publish.

✅ Like other pages

One of the easiest ways to get noticed: interact with other pages.

The first thing to do is to look for pages in your sector or with the same interest as you and leave them a like. If they like your content, they will return it to you. The same recommendation as in the previous point: better if these pages are in your same field.

✅ Use Facebook Ads to attract new followers

You can use Facebook Ads to create a campaign on the social network to reach new users with the content of your page or by promoting the page itself.

✅ Measure your page statistics

The analytics of your Facebook business page are key to know how your content is performing. The same platform has its own metrics part to measure all the statistics of your account.

With Metricool you also have the statistics of your content on Facebook and you can also schedule your posts.

Invite people that you think might like your page.

You can invite other users registered on Facebook so they can see your page and “like” it. 

You can also make all these changes later in settings.

You can edit many aspects of your page like:

  • Page visibility: You can configure whether you want your page to be published or not.
  • Geographical restrictions: You can decide if your page can be seen in certain geographical areas.
  • Restrictions to who can see your page: You can add age restrictions.
  • Page Moderation: You can block words so they can’t be published on your page.

So this is what you need to create your Facebook business page

Once you have created your Facebook page it is crucial that you keep it optimized. Here you can find a small guide about how to optimize your Facebook business page.

▶️ See the guide to Facebook Marketing here ◀️

A window for your business or brand. If you don’t have a Facebook page yet, this is the best moment to create one.

You can ask us any questions you might have. 👇🏻

Sara Martín


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