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21 April 2020

If you have a local business, Google Maps is a must to promote your brand and increase brand awareness. Google Maps ads will help you reach a wider audience.

Why should you create ads on Google Maps?

⏩ To increase visits to your business. Either in your physical store or website.

⏩ To make sure potential customers learn about your business. From your ad, they can ask for more information such as the location, schedule, directions or reviews.

⏩ To encourage the audience to call the number included in your Google My Business listing.

Have you thought about how many potential customers you might have lost because they didn’t find you?

Through Google Maps ads you can obtain the visibility you need to boost your business.

How to create your Google Maps ads

The objective of this type of campaign is to attract as many users as possible. Through these ads, your customers and prospectors will know how to contact you and  get to your local store.

Steps to create a Google Maps campaign

1.    Create your Google Ads account for your business.

This is an easy and necessary step to start your ads and have a credit card associated with your new ad account to pay the costs of your campaign. Don’t you know how to create a Google Ads account?

2.     Set up the location extension on your Google Ads account

This is a key part of the process to create Google Maps ads as it “puts your business on the map”. That is, it will show the address of your local store and how to get there.

Besides, you can include a clickable call button that comes in very handy to make an order or reserve.

To activate this option, go to ads & extensions in the page menu on the left in your Google Ads account. Then click Extensions and choose location extensions.

3.    Update your Google My Business listing.

If you have already created a Google My Business listing, it’s time to review if it’s properly updated with all your information: Current address, telephone number, website, etc.

It is crucial to make sure the information displayed is correct because if you run an ad on Google Maps with the incorrect address you can lose clients, and definitely money in an ad that won’t provide any value.

4.    Segment your target audience with your location.

This is a key part: Audience targeting. To do so, choose a specific geographic area nearby to attract people to your business.

If for example you have a cafe & bakery store and it’s located near several businesses, the ideal would be to establish a radius of 1 or 1.5 miles to reach workers in the area who might fancy a coffee or a pastry at some point.

5.    Search for related keywords.

What are your potential clients looking for? if your business is an auto repair garage, probably users will search for garage or car repair

This way, you can include these types of keywords in your Google Maps ads so customers can find your business easily.

Google Maps Ads: Analysis

Did your Google Maps campaign get the expected results? If you want to discover whether your ads have worked or not, it’s important to analyze the performance of each click:

Get location detail clicks: Users have clicked to know your location, showing interest in your business.

⏩  Get directions clicks: Very useful information, it reflects user interest in visiting your store.

Clicks to call: Your target audience has called your local business to make a booking, an order or learn more about you.

Website clicks: Users want to learn more about your business.

With Google Ads panel, in a the ad section, click the icon Segment and the type of click to check your results.

This is how you can create Google Maps ads to reach more users. Do you have any question? We will read your comments. 👇🏻

Isabel Romero Isabel Romero , 21 April 2020

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