What’s CPL

05 February 2019

CPL or cost per lead is an advertising paid method that is included within the CPA or cost per acquisition model.

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Advertising on the Internet has become a very important tool to stand out from your competitors and boost your business.

However, as important as it is to promote your company, online store or professional profile, it is equally important to learn the different ways that you can measure the outcome of those promotions and ads.

💡 Why?

Because it will help you to determine if you can “repeat” a successful campaign or otherwise, discover what failed.

CPL Definition 

Let’s start by defining the meaning of a lead in marketing:

Concept of lead

A lead is a potential customer who has shown interest in one of our products or services. This lead or prospective customer will leave some information to learn more about that product or service.

So now…

What’s CPL?

CPL, better known by Cost per Lead, is the cost of acquiring a new lead, which means getting data or contact information about a potential customer.

A prospective customer is someone who has the potential of becoming a customer after having shown some interest in your products.

Lead Generation Forms

A lead form can request information such as email, phone number and full name. You can edit and adapt it to the information that you consider more relevant for your business

How does it work?

CPL in Marketing 

CPL can help you to reach two main goals:

→ Increase customers

To get more leads by reaching them at multiple touchpoints: websites related to your business, social media or point of sale.

However, the cost of this type of ad is higher than other branding campaigns like CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

On the other hand, CPL will allow you to get the contact information of potential customers who have interest in your product or service that you will be able to use in email marketing campaigns.

→ Earn money with publicity on your website

You can attract other businesses to use your blog or website as a means to acquire new leads in exchange of cash.

However, how can you generate revenue from your leads?

Obviously, a popular blog will receive more offers from companies that are interested in reaching more prospective customers.

So, you have two options, wait for companies to find you or try to find those companies using different strategies:


One way to find “opportunities” is by using an affiliate directory.

This is a kind of data base to find companies similar to yours by using a collection of different filters.

For example, there is no point in finding sport businesses if your website is focused on plants.

Specific companies

Companies that offer a commission per lead that you get.

These types of companies are in search of professional websites, so the better your webpage is positioned and the more visits it receives, the higher the chances will be for your website to be selected.

Conclusion about CPL

CPL has consolidated itself amongst the most favorite strategies for companies that are interested in using online ad campaigns. They consider the contact information very valuable for promoting their products and services.

It’s a very effective way to get names, phone numbers or email addresses to reach potential customers or qualified leads.

CPL is more expensive than CPM or CPC models. However, CPL is more profitable.

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Choose the right campaign is crucial to make a profit.

Now that you know what CPL is and how to implement it in an online market. Would you use it?

We will read all your comments.

Sara Martín Sara Martín , 05 February 2019


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