How to Get Leads on Social Media

07 December 2021

A profile on social media is a means to humanize the brand and bring it closer to its target audience. It is also an essential tool to obtain data from people interested in services or products. Caronte Web Studio, a company specialized in web development and digital marketing in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, brings us today how to get leads on social media thanks to a series of proven strategies that will help you boost your brand.

What are leads on social media?

You may have heard of leads, but you don’t know exactly what they refer to. A lead is a user who has given their data to a company, so it becomes a record in that company’s database. In general, the user provides their personal data to the brand to obtain something in exchange: a catalog download, access to exclusive content, a free subscription…

3 strategies to get leads on social media

▶️ Optimize your profile

Before starting a strategy to get leads on social media, you must optimize your profile. To do this, you must make sure that you have included a call-to-action (CTA) button and the link to your website in your profile.

Having different CTAs for your profile will encourage users to interact with your brand. For example, if you have your company profile set up on Instagram, you have the possibility of adding three types of call-to-action buttons: “Order food”, “Make an appointment” or “Reserve a table”. On the contrary, on Facebook, you have the option to customize the button so that you can prioritize the type of leads you want to get.

▶️ Run a giveaway

One of the actions that usually works best on social media is doing a giveaway with one of the services or products that the brand sells. It is a perfect opportunity to get leads and reach more users. However, you should remember that the more straightforward and easier the giveaway requirements, the more people will want to participate.

If you want to get leads through a giveaway on social media platforms, you can require that the user subscribes to the Newsletter on your website. In this way, all those who want to win your product must fill in a form and give their personal data (an email, for example).

▶️ Use a visual hook

For users to give their personal data, it is essential that the call to action stands out and encourages the public to interact. If you post small snippets of what users will receive upon registration, they will be able to see the reward they will receive by providing their email or any other data. You can use striking images or graphics for this. Anything goes!


If you follow these lead generation strategies, your company profile will be a great tool to obtain data from your potential customers. Remember to measure and analyze the strategy you implement in your social networks to find opportunities for improvement.

We hope that the article has been of interest to you. Until next time!

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 07 December 2021

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