How to grow on Twitch

12 August 2020

In this post we have prepared a series of tips to follow so you increase your number of viewers and subscribers: discover how to grow on Twitch.

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➡️ In February 2020, 3.8 million streamers were registered,
according to data from the platform itself with Twitch Tracker

Tips to grow on Twitch

Twitch, like any other platform to create content, requires great dedication and work to grow and, above all, monetize.

The main thing to keep in mind is that there is no magic formula to get subscribers, but if you follow these tips you can improve your streams and increase your views and number of viewers.

Complete your Twitch profile

If you already have your Twitch channel created, it is important that you complete all the information in your profile. Nobody likes to come to a channel they don’t know and see that it has been neglected without the profile name, a brief description, etc.

This will help the viewer who comes to your channel to know who you are, learn a little about yourself, your social networks and above all, know what content is going to be on your channel.

The username or description of your channel are aspects that help users get to know you and it can tip the balance to obtain a new subscriber.

How to grow on Twitch

Multimedia equipment 

In the same way that a basketball player is not better for wearing the best shoes, a streamer is not better than another for having the latest multimedia device on the market.

What is true is that having good equipment will guarantee quality streaming, offering a pleasant experience to your viewers and subscribers.

It is not necessary to invest a large amount of money but having these devices will guarantee a better experience to users. 

  • Webcam

It is possible that at first the videos could be successful with just the voiceover, but now viewers want to see how you play or talk to them while they see your face.

They like to see your reactions, how you operate in front of the camera. In addition, it helps to interact with your audience.

  • Microphone

Your streaming might be good but poor sound quality can ruin the experience. A microphone can become your main ally when doing a live show.

Of course, remember to adjust the volume so that you can be listened to properly.

  • Elements to isolate sounds

External noise while you are streaming can ruin your video. 

It is important to keep doors and windows closed and, if you prefer, to acquire noise insulators that are placed on the walls.

  • Connection

It can ruin the streaming experience if the quality changes and is never stable.

Currently, most of the streams are played in HD, something that a good connection will ensure. It’s better to avoid the WIFI and use cable to guarantee the best connection.  

Plan your content

As with any platform or social network, having a strategy for your content  can help you plan your time, your work and make you grow.

In this case, for Twitch, we recommend that you plan ahead, keeping two factors in mind:

✅ Content Plan

Prepare the content that you are going to broadcast and plan the hours that you are going to stream.

For example, if you usually do live racing video games and a new video game comes out, you can put that date in the calendar and reserve those days to broadcast that game. Something that will not catch you by surprise, especially if you combine streaming with another job.

Choose well the content with which you will be streaming, especially if you will focus on video games.

When a game is very popular, Fortnite for example, viewers will go to the big streamers. So we recommend that if you’re just getting started, try uploading content with less popular games to grab the attention of viewers. 

✅ Objectives

If you set up short and long-term goals, it will be easier to meet them. Although we recommend going slowly on Twitch, it is also important that you set yourself growth goals.

Make sure your objectives are realistic and achievable. You can set certain times of streaming or reaching a specific number of subscribers as a goal to motivate yourself.

Personalize your streaming 

Before starting your streaming, don’t forget to edit it and have everything ready to offer the viewer a great experience to encourage them to become a subscriber.

The most important thing is the viewer and there are details that you can improve to help you keep growing on Twitch

  • Add a title and description to your streaming.

Imagine that you enter Twitch and see a streaming without title or description. You do not know what it is about, nor what content you are going to see. What do you do? In 90% of cases you won’t go to that channel again. 

That can happen to you with your potential viewers. Create a striking title for your streaming that is capable of attracting the attention of the person who enters the platform.

If they don’t know you, but the title seems interesting, you can get views and new viewers.

  • Play music to accompany the live stream.

It is usual for a streaming to have music to make the games and the live moments with your subscribers more attractive. 

We recommend that you choose the music well for each moment. If you are streaming while chatting with your subscribers, choose quiet music that is heard in the background and not rock music that can spoil the conversation.

  • Create themed streamings

One way to engage and attract viewers is to take advantage of special dates on the calendar to stream.

For example, during Christmas or Valentine’s Day, you can decorate your screen or interface with details characteristic of those dates.

Advertise your streaming on social networks

Any means to promote your streaming is a new opportunity to attract new subscribers. If, in addition, you already have a community on those channels, it becomes mandatory to share it on them. 

Thanks to these messages you can attract followers, but also new subscribers if they share your streaming.

Analyze the performance of your streamings

Are you achieving your goals? How are your streamings working?

Analyzing the performance of your content is as important as the streaming itself, to see whether it is working or you must change the type of content, hours of streaming, etc.

Keep your community

It is important that you always keep in mind the community of followers and subscribers, in the end they are the ones who will help you grow on Twitch.

How can you keep them active to build loyalty with your streamings?

✅ Reply to their questions in the chat

At first you may have the chat open, but as you grow on Twitch you can limit it to only subscribers.

Reply to all the messages they send you, especially at the beginning, so that they feel that you are reading their opinions and that you respond to them in live which will make them feel that they are part of your streaming.

✅ Let them manage your messages

When you have a chat with enough messages, you’re going to want to moderate the types of messages that subscribers or viewers send.

You will have to focus on other things, so you can ask some of your subscribers to manage this section to avoid malicious messages. In this way, you will improve the quality of your chat and your subscriber feels important.

Reward your subscribers

On Twitch subscriptions are paid, so you will have to offer your subscribers something in exchange.

To keep your community and at the same time get new viewers, you must offer something attractive in addition to your streaming to grow and achieve new subscriptions.

What can you offer your subscribers?

  • Badges

It is one of the characteristics of Twitch. Users who have purchased a subscription will have a specific badge that can be seen in the chat, next to their username.

Depending on the type of subscription you have purchased, it will have a different color, standing out above the rest of the followers.

  • Listen to their opinions

Your subscribers more than anyone will be able to offer you honest opinions about your content, what they would like to see or what aspects they think can be improved.

Therefore, try to actively participate in your streaming by asking them for their opinion on the content. They will feel that they are part of your streaming.

  • Play with them

If there is one thing that subscribers to a video game channel love is playing against their favorite streamer.

Once a week you can do a live streaming where you play against your subscribers. These types of streamings are quite successful and improve your online brand. In addition, you can do it with an open microphone to chat with them while you play.

Collaborate with other streamers

There are many ways to grow on Twitch, but bear in mind that you are part of a large community where it is common for streamers to help others grow.

How can they help you grow or vice versa?

  • Streaming with another streamer

You can collaborate with other streamers by proposing a live video together on your channel or on theirs, to reach new users and viewers of the other streamer.

This way, if they like how you stream, they can end up becoming potential subscribers.

  • Host other streamers

It is common for large streamers to allow other streamers to use their channels when they are not going live.

Hosting means that they host another stream on their channel. That is, host mode gives all broadcasters the ability to host another channel’s live broadcast on his or her own channel page.

In this way, the subscribers of that new channel will get to know you and if they like you, they will look for you to subscribe to your channel.

Check out other streamers

A good way to keep growing is to look at the competition, that is, what they are doing to improve their presence on Twitch. 

✅ Looking at their work can help you come up with new ideas that will refresh your content and help grow your Twitch channel.

These are some of the tips that you can put into practice to know how to grow on Twitch.

You can also check out this link:

Do you have any tips you want to share?  We’ll read your comments. 

Isabel Romero Isabel Romero , 12 August 2020

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