Twitch Account Management: from one to several accounts

19 May 2022

When dealing with Twitch Account Management, you may have to manage several Twitch channels. Now it’s possible to do so if you have the right tool for the job: Metricool.

If you’re a social media manager or agency monitoring the analytics for a Twitch channel, having a tool like this can make your day-to-day much easier. 

What are the advantages of connecting your Twitch channel to Metricool? 

Twitch Account Management with Metricool

To manage each channel, all the streamer has to do is get in front of the camera and analyze the performance for each live session. 

If you have more than one channel, getting the metrics for each one can end up being a huge headache… until you get Metricool.

Why use Metricool to manage multiple Twitch channels?

✅ You can switch between accounts in just one click, as long as they’re connected to Metricool. You don’t have to log in and out.

✅ If you have other social profiles, connect them to Metricool too and manage everything from the same platform. You’ll save time that you can use for your streaming.

Want to manage your Twitch channel or channels on Metricool?

That said, what does Metricool offer for your Twitch analytics? 

Twitch community

Community is an essential part of your channel. All the support you need to keep streaming comes from your followers and subscribers.

So, it’s important to analyze where you are with your channel, how your community is doing, so you can track your progress closely.

In the Communities section on Metricool, you have information on new followers, subscribers and number of streams you’ve done over the time period you choose.

Plus, there’s a box with your follower balance to see whether you’ve gained or lost followers. 


Twitch subscriptions are one of the most important ways to monetize your Twitch channel and start making money.

First, though, you have to be a Twitch affiliate, which you can only get by working hard and creating content for the platform. 

With Metricool, you can see how many subscribers you have and each one’s level, the subscriptions given out, a list of your subscribers and a comparison with your streams. More streams, more subscribers? Probably, but better to have proof.


The content you broadcast on your Twitch channel, where it all happens. What statistics do you get for your streams? 

On Metricool you have three sections on your live streams:

▶️ Summary: number of live streams, total number of views and total length of your streams.

▶️ List of videos: a complete list of all your streams over the selected time period, with the date, length and total number of views.

▶️ List of clips: Twitch clips are small grabs that you and users can make of your live streams. This is very helpful for sharing on other social networks. 

With Metricool, the tool that helps with your Twitch account management, you can see the clips of your channel with all the info: title, date, live stream it is from and total views.  


Want to know how your rival streamers are doing? 

One of the advantages of Metricool is that you can add a list of other streamers you consider your competitors. This is a great tool for getting the metrics on other streamers and comparing them to the channel you manage. 

Some of the information you’ll get: number of followers, streams, clips created and number of views.

🚀 MetriTip

In the ‘Videos’ section you can see the metrics for each live stream your competitors do with the title, length, date and total views.

Twitch reports

If you want all the information on the Twitch channels you manage in one report, you can get it in one click with Metricool.

Just choose the month you want data for, organize the metrics and add your logo to personalize the report. Download it as a PDF or PPT and the brands will love you.

Now you have the recipe for the best Twitch account management and the most prized secret ingredient: Metricool. Remember, you can also manage all your social networks from the same platform. Connect and get to work!

And if you want to know about everything Metricool does 

⚡️ Metricool mega tutorial

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 19 May 2022

Twitch Management with Metricool

Analyze your Twitch streams in one place

With Metricool you can view in-depth metrics about how your streams are performing to improve your strategy and grow your community. See what your competitors are doing, and create Twitch reports, all in one place.

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