How to position in the Instagram search engine

28 October, 2020
Table of Contents Tips for positioning on InstagramOptimize your profileEdit your posts Keep your IG TV channel updatedUpload content to the Instagram storeShare content on ReelsInteract with brands in your environmentContact influencers Do you think that your Instagram account is somewhat stuck? Perhaps the number of followers does not increase, your interactions are less and less… […]

Do you think that your Instagram account is somewhat stuck? Perhaps the number of followers does not increase, your interactions are less and less…

One of the options to grow in this social network is to make sure that you appear in the Instagram search engine.

➡️ It refers to the ‘magnifying glass’, the icon that appears between the wall and the option to upload your photo and it is used to find any Instagram account.

➡️ In addition, you can use it to find hashtags that interest you and places.

➡️ Here, Instagram will display publications about everything that interests users based on Instagram’s algorithm.

So, your job here is to optimize your profile to ensure it appears in this section and therefore, reach more users.

How can you do it? In this article you can find 7 tips on how to appear on Instagram’s search engine.

Tips for positioning on Instagram

Here are a series of tips that you can start putting into practice right now, while you read this post and have a coffee.

You can apply them whether you have a business account, a personal brand or an online store.

The important thing here is that your profile begins to appear in the Instagram search engine.

Optimize your profile

It is essential that you edit your profile name and your biography to make easier for users to find you easily on Instagram, 

That is, add a name that clearly identifies you so the user doesn’t find you by chance.


If your store or business has a characteristic name, use it without any fear. If, in addition, you describe what you do, users will find you even more easily. 

For example, imagine that you manage the profile of a restaurant. If your name is ‘Joe’s Dinner’, putting it in full on Instagram will facilitate your search.

If, on the contrary, it is a name such as ‘Eat it or leave it’, using this name for your profile will be ideal. It will differentiate you from other restaurants or locales.

Edit your posts 

When you upload a post or a story to Instagram, you have to take advantage of all the possibilities that the platform offers you and get the most out of it.

From adding music, putting stickers to adding the location or hashtags.


To reach a greater number of users with your publications, the locations and related hashtags are a key part of this.

Add the location of your business or store. In this way, if Instagram users are nearby, they can find you and visit you.

This works very well with restaurants and tourists. Many times, when you are in another city or country and you don’t know where to eat, you resort to Instagram search engine. If the content is of quality, it catches the eye and helps you to decide..

Hashtags are also an excellent opportunity to get new followers and interactions. Many users search for content through hashtags, therefore the best way to reach them by placing the appropriate tags in your post.

Instagram has the option to follow a hashtag. Take advantage of this opportunity and reach more people with the hashtags related to your publication

For instance, if you have an account where you upload videos doing ‘parkour’, tags like #parkourlife or #parkour will allow you to reach users who like this discipline

You can use apps to find the ideal hashtag for your content, such as Hashtag Expert. 

Keep your IG TV channel updated

Instagram TV has become an excellent tool for creating content on your Instagram profile.

The duration of this format allows you to upload multimedia content of between 15 and 60 minutes. Ideal for interviews, long videos or share lives that you have done on the same social network.


IG TV is a small YouTube channel within your Instagram profile, where you can upload longer videos that you can take advantage of to bring out your creativity.

Share content from your brand, business or local and edit the post adding hashtags and a short description. This will help you position it in the IG TV section of the search engine and reach new users.

Interviews with people related to your sector, promotional videos or live videos for those who missed it. The possibilities are almost endless.

Upload content to the Instagram store

If you have an online or physical store, the ‘Store’ section will be of great help to give visibility to your products on Instagram and to get more interactions.


Create your own product store on Instagram and tag your products so that they appear in the ‘Store’ section.

In this way, not only will you reach more users and your community will grow, you will also be able to bring users to your website and increase traffic. And, who knows, increase the sales of your products.

Share content on Reels

Do you know Tik Tok? You might have already uploaded casual and fun videos from your personal brand or business on this social channel. 

Given the success and growth of TikTok, Instagram launched Reels in August, another tool to upload short videos up to 15 seconds. It allows users to add music, sound effects and share new creatives.

This way of sharing content is increasing in popularity because it is new and Instagram is promoting it. 


Take advantage of the content that you can create in ‘reels’ to show yourself to your audience and Instagram users in a fun and casual tone.

Add hashtags, a text and attract new users with this type of content. It’s a great way to showcase your products and generate sales.

Interact with brands in your environment

More than once you probably have ‘followed’ an Instagram profile and the network itself has recommended profiles similar to it.

One of the ways to get Instagram to ‘recommend’ your profile is to interact with other profiles and thus maintain that “chain of favors”.


Consider your competition a help to grow and not as the rival to beat. Choose who to follow and interact with these profiles so that Instagram takes into account your work and recommends you to other users.

Also, if you usually like or leave comments, the followers of the other accounts will see you and they may be interested in your content, getting new followers.

Contact influencers

Influencers have become a perfect tool to promote your Instagram profile, the products you sell or the services you offer.

By making a good selection of influencers, they can help you spread your Instagram account and increase interactions.


A campaign with influencers can be very useful, but you must approach the users who are related to the field in which you work.

If you have a running shoe store, not just any Instagram user will work for you, ideally you should contact an influencer who does triathlons or marathons. In this way, your followers will reach your brand and you will increase your community, improve your advantages and get more interactions.

These are our tips for positioning in the Instagram search engine and in this social network, tips that you can apply from now on to both your business account and personal brand.

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