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Intro to Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Anastasia Stefanuk

Anastasia Stefanuk

What Is an Influencer Marketing and Why Your Business Needs It?

Influencer marketing is a mix of old and new ways of getting your product and brand seen. It is similar to having a celebrity endorsement of your product, but in the case of this form of marketing the influencer could be anyone from someone that has a large Twitter following, to an overseas programmer with a healthy following on LinkedIn. It is a fast-growing area and is expected to be an 8 billion dollar industry during 2020.

By using influencer marketing you can carefully target those consumers that will be most interested in your product and services. By working with someone who is a known and respected blogger about building a software development team, you could easily target those that would be interested in your services in that area.

Influencer marketing utilizes both content and social media marketing. Your content can be generated by your company or it may be something that the influencer themselves may create. This content is then shared via the influencer’s social media channels which can be anything from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram or their own blog.

So why does your business need to use influencer marketing? Traditional digital advertising is simply ignored by more than 90% of people. Many would also be negatively influenced if they felt that your business was excessively pushing your products. People today are looking for a more authentic message through people that are actually using your services and products. They do not want to see faceless sales people utilizing tricks to try to get their attention.

If they are looking for overseas web developers, they want to get advice and recommendations from those that truly know how to hire overseas contractors to build expert dedicated teams. They want to get web developer rates and other information from people that are seen to be working in the industry rather than what is being pushed at them through ads. Influencers in these areas will be far more effective at getting your name and services known.

So if your business truly wishes to grow, influencer marketing could be the way forward no matter what industry you may be in.


How IT and Related Businesses Can Leverage Instagram Influencer Marketing

Many businesses use Instagram for influencer marketing. The reason for this is simply that Instagram has been shown to have over double the engagement rate than the average across other social networks at more than 3.2%. This means that posts featuring your brand and services are more than twice as likely to be commented on and shared.

With more than 800 million active users on Instagram you can ensure that your message will be shared across a large number of people as long as you have chosen the right influencers to work with.

With such a large user base you can be sure of finding an influencer within any niche that you can get to work with. This is true even for industries such as IT. Whether you are promoting programming services or your software, you will be able to find influencers that you can use to carefully target the precise audience that you want to be working with.


What Will It Cost You to Work With Influencers in Your Niche?

Sponsored posts must be identified as being sponsored through Instagram and also many other social networks so that it is clear that the poster is being paid in some way to promote a product or service. This, however, does not seem to negatively impact the posts with the majority of the most popular posts shared on Instagram containing products.

The amount that is paid can vary enormously depending on the niche in which the influencer works and the number of followers that they may have.

Some influencers will be able to promote your product based on the free use of said products or services with no other payment required. However, do not always expect this to be the case.

On sites such as Instagram, a sponsored photograph for an influencer with more than 100k followers may earn as much as $900 while influencers with more than half a million followers could get as much as $3000. Of course some of the well-known celebrities with many millions of followers can demand much higher payments in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single post.

How to Choose the Right Influencers to Work With?

When choosing an influencer to work with it is important that you choose them with care if you are to get the results that you require from your campaign. Whether you are looking for influencers on Instagram and other social networks, or even individual bloggers you must do your homework:

✅ The influencer must be within your specific niche. There is no benefit from getting a fashion influencer to promote your IT services as their followers will simply not be interested in what you are offering. They must have followers that are going to be receptive to the message that you want to be promoted.

✅ They must also be able to reach the audience you are looking for and for the style of campaign that you are looking to run. A top-level influencer may be good for raising awareness of your brand. However many lower “micro influencers” may be far more effective at getting conversations going about your services.

✅ What voice do they speak with? You need to decide what will work best with your campaign. Are you looking for someone that is serious and highly professional, or do you need an influencer with a more relaxed style of communicating with their followers?

✅ What is their engagement rate? There are apps and tools available to provide you with clear influencer marketing data. This ensures that you select the most effective influencers in your niche that will be able to engage your intended audience.

Thankfully, the work required to discover the right influencers and to ensure that your campaign is run perfectly does not have to be overly hard. Social media marketing automation tools exist that can help you with all aspects of getting your marketing off to a lightening start.

There are tools and apps that can help you with selecting influencers within your specific niche so that you will be able to identify them quickly. Then there are other tools that will be able to analyse their reach and engagement to calculate the likely return you will get from the time and money that you invest.

There are also many highly specialized companies that can provide you with the services that you need to set up your influencer campaign.

Get Started Using Influencer Marketing Today if You Want to Stay in the Game

With traditional advertising becoming less effective it is necessary for your marketing to evolve and adapt to ensure that you continue to grow your business. The proper use of influencer marketing in any niche is one proven way to ensure that you get the edge that you need over your competition.


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