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Carlos Bravo
11 March, 2022

With the Instagram app, you have access to informative metrics about your content. However, can you have all the information collected in the same document? Metricool’s custom Instagram analytics reports will be your lifesaver at the beginning of each month.

We will tell you how to get these custom Instagram reports with Metricool and what all the information about your Instagram analytics means.

Personalized Instagram reports with Metricool

Extracting all the data each month, gathering it in Excel, putting it in order, and presenting it to the client is a process that can take you hours. 

With the personalized Instagram analytics report from Metricool, you will save time and headaches thinking about how to organize the data.

All the relevant information will be ready to present to your clients with a simple click. 

Even better, the report will be customized with the company’s logo. A detail that your clients will love. 

Pay attention to these simple steps to learn how to download this professional Instagram report:

1 Log into Metricool with your credentials.

2 Tap on ‘Evolution’, the first tab in the top menu. 

3 Scroll down to the ‘Reports’ section on the left column.

4 Select the options for your report: custom template, logo, the social platforms you want to add, the language, and the period to analyze. 

All the main Instagram metrics will compare with the previous period to quickly understand the growth pace of your networks. 

5 Choose the format of your report: PDF or PPT

6 Done! Not even the Roadrunner could do it faster.

💡 Metri Tip

Skip all these steps next time! Add a destination email in the ‘Reports’ section, and Metricool will send the report to the email(s) selected with a personalized text.

“Dear customer, this month we have beat our competition!”

So now, it can be even faster with automation. 

What do Instagram Analytics Reports contain?

Let’s go to what really matters. What information will you find within the Metricool reports?

⚡️ Community

The pillar on which your Instagram growth is based: the number of followers that make up your community.

In this section, you will find the number of followers you have gained, the percentage compared to the previous month, and a graph with your evolution in the last 12 months.

You can also see your audience’s demographics by gender, age, countries, and cities, a key aspect to know your audience.

⚡️ Interactions

Interactions are the best way to measure your audience’s engagement with your content. 

In the Metricool reports, you have several slides that show you this performance:

✅ Average reach per day of your account. Also, your profile’s impressions, visits, and the number of posts published. 

✅ Posts: the total number of posts you have published and the engagement achieved.

✅ Post Interactions: Actions that the user has taken directly from your post: likes, comments, saves, and total interactions.

⚡️ Reels

Reels are Instagram’s short videos recorded in vertical format. Since the social network incorporated them into its content they have not stopped growing. What better way to know how they are performing than with Metricool’s reports?

In Metricool reports you are going to be able to see:

Engagement along with the number of Reels.

✅ The interactions with likes, comments, and saves.

Ranking of Reels ordered according to your interest and with detailed information: reproductions, reach, likes, comments, saves and engagement.

⚡️ Post and hashtag rankings

Rankings are the best way to see which posts have outperformed the rest. 

Metricool ranks the top 20 posts by default. In this list, you can see the number of impressions, likes, saves, comments, reach, and engagement of each post. 

The ranking is based on likes by default, though you can choose the metric you want the list to be sorted by.

If you have promoted posts in the period, you will see an additional slide with a doughnut chart for paid and organic impressions. Also, a list of the boosted posts and their performance. Bear in mind that this info only displays if you have your Facebook Ads account connected to Metricool

With the hashtags ranking, you can see all the hashtags you have used and their average performance based on the posts that included them.

⚡️ Stories

There is a specific section for this type of format:

✅ In the first section, you have an overview of the stories on your profile: the number of stories you have uploaded, the impressions you have achieved, and the average reach per story.

✅ In the second section, you have a ranking of stories, similar to that of the posts. This shows impressions, reach, replies, tap forward, tab back and exits. 

⚡️ Competitors

Without competition, there is no evolution, right?

On Instagram, it is also essential to see the path of your competitors to define your strategy, modify it if necessary or celebrate your growth.

On Metricool, you can add competitors to your report and track their performance including the number of followers, posts, likes, comments, and engagement.

This table can be sorted by the metric you consider more relevant.

Instagram Custom Reports

And voilà, all those hours you thought you would be in front of Excel are gone. With one click, you can have your custom Instagram analytics report at your fingertips.

Now, you can move on to other work because you already have the performance report to deliver to your client.

If you miss something, you can always ask us in the comments or look at the Metricool Mega Tutorial with all the features.

Carlos Bravo


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