Mobile content marketing: how to apply it step by step

05 May 2021

Without a content marketing strategy for mobile phones, you will not achieve an ideal capture of leads and therefore, of customers.

With these latest changes in society and in the digital world, it is essential to create content for the mobile version. 

But don’t jump into the pool too fast…first it is very important that you know the rules of the game to be able to adapt.

How to improve your mobile content marketing strategy

Today this is not about adapting content for mobile phones, but rather getting fully involved in creating different content for each type of device. 

This will make the user experience so much better.

Tips for your mobile content marketing

To begin!

The first step in generating a mobile content marketing strategy is…

⏭ Think

Reflect on when we use mobile phones. Usually in everyday situations like when we are on public transport, on a break at the office, etc.

What do all these situations have in common? 

The speed and spontaneity

This tells us that we have to think about different aspects of the content we create… 

  • Create Titles and subtitles that are easy to scan as you read.
  • Include a summary at the beginning of your content: in this way the user can go directly to the part of the information that interests them the most.
  • Highlight the most important content with bold or icons: so you can attract attention more quickly 
  • Use and optimize content for voice search: increasingly used on mobiles.

↪️ Reduce the text and be clear, concise and direct in your sentences

In the following image you can see how the user navigates on smartphones, he does so in an F form and not in the classic triangular shape.

If you look at the content that remains from the middle of the screen down it is almost imperceptible. So put the most important information and calls to action in the first strip of the screen.

Let’s go for the tips that I am going to give you so that you can adapt and create content for mobile phones.

Become Mobile friendly

In 2015 Google modified the rules of its algorithm. Now the big one on the internet favors those pages that are optimized for mobile phones and yet penalizes those that have deficiencies in this part. 

Become a mobile friendly page, and if you already are, I advise you to use these tools to check the status of your website:

  • Google Search Console, which will also offer you the results it extracts from this analysis, which will be very useful to redirect or modify your campaigns.
  • Google Page Speed Insight, a tool that helps you know which elements of your mobile version weigh more and prevent optimal loading time.
  • AMP, this technical implementation will help your pages load quickly and ensure that the user experience is satisfactory when reading your content.

Know your audience

You must know your audience very thoroughly, as it is the most effective way to launch products and campaigns specially designed for them and generate an effective content marketing strategy for mobile phones. You should dig deeper to know the tastes, demands and needs of your most local audiences.

According to a study by Nielsen and Google, around 40% of searches carried out from smartphones are usually focused on a local interest or intention. It is very useful to use tools such as those offered by Google Trends, which allow you to know the interests of your audience up close. After collecting this data, you are also able to analyze how a certain communication strategy can respond to these searches made by users.

More readable and multidirectional content

The aspect of readability is essential in a campaign, because it allows the brand to ensure access and good navigation through the web page. It is very important to check that the telephone numbers you enter are clickable, that users do not have to zoom in order to easily read the content or CTAs, which must be as efficient and clear as possible.

Messages for mobile devices

Think mobile before starting to write your content. Thus, you must propose the headlines, keywords, extension of the texts or formats used in order that the generated content can be easily read from a mobile device or a tablet.

mobile content marketing

More attractive headlines

Another element that catches the attention of any user and that must be clearly defined is the headline. Ideally, it should have a maximum of between 5 and 7 words and, in addition, it should be attractive to attract users’ interests. Keep in mind that users are not always accessing your page comfortably from home, more likely it is possible that they are doing other tasks, shopping or on the street walking someplace, so the headline should be attractive to entice them to open it and keep reading.

Know the habits of users

Any company that intends to influence its audiences must thoroughly investigate their habits, from the mobiles they use to the websites they visit, the applications they have and the content they access daily. It’s’ all little bits of information but useful, and the tool to reach it is Google Analytics. In addition, it is helpful to follow various surveys about the topic, such as the one that the Content Marketing Institute carried out with 668 users which provides data of great interest.

Importance of user experience

One of the most important elements to guarantee the maximum satisfaction of your clients is to offer an accessible and congruent experience.

You should be able to offer a pleasant navigation that allows them to easily find different content, without connection failures or problems when loading images. The more inefficient the content is, the more the user will be annoyed while navigating the page, so they end up abandoning it.

Estudio sobre el eye tracking de cómo escanean los usuarios en mobile

Propose new ways of conversion in mobile environments

Landing pages with forms, which are often used for these devices, only increases the discomfort and lack of efficiency with users, since having to enter a phone number, name, last name and email is not at all comfortable on a mobile or tablet.

Adapting to the medium will be the best way to reach your users, so when launching a strategy you must be very clear about what type of device you are targeting and therefore, select which are the most suitable conversion strategies based on the characteristics of this specific device so that the user experience is satisfactory and simple.

Touch-friendly experience

In line with the aforementioned, the concept of touch-friendly becomes especially important as it means that there is also greater ease for users when handling mobile phones. 

For example, it will make it much easier to click on a button because the space between the links has been increased or because larger buttons are created (ideally, they should have at least 44×44 pixels). That is, you must offer greater tactile functions to the user, avoiding a scenario where they suffer from trying to hit the buttons they want to dial.

Mobile users have a bounce rate of 9.56% higher than those who are computer users.

This means that they have entered a web page and left it without interacting or clicking on any tab, something that usually occurs due to the difficulty of the specific website, an unattractive design or irrelevant content. What makes them leave without having any interest in returning to this page.

Demographic factors

It is also important to take advantage of other tools that are increasingly used and with good results that exist in the market, for example geolocation. 

This provides very valuable information, since through it you will make a mobile device become a true access point to your brand or business strategy.  Among the strategies of this type that exist for mobile phones, geo-fencing or geo-targeting stands out, based precisely on the segmentation of users based on their location.

Apps for mobiles

New apps appear daily that are created directly by companies with the aim that users can interact in a simple and direct way with the brand.

Mobile version or App? You have the answer. If an app is going to add a different value to the web, go ahead with it! The big fashion brands like ZARA, ASOS or ZALANDO are in favor of using APPS. They make buying easier and conversion results increase.

In short: The one that best adapts to the environment will survive. How do you manage your mobile content marketing strategy? Any advice? We’ll read your comments.

Laura Montells Laura Montells , 05 May 2021

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