How to Use Script Generators for Social Media Content

09 November 2023

It’s no secret that AI is the hottest topic on the market today. This significant technological breakthrough has opened possibilities for gathering information and replicating human intelligence, in a matter of seconds. And we know this is just the beginning. 

Specifically in the social media, marketing, and advertising world, AI is being utilized for content generation, whether this is text, images, or videos. As we learn how to use these AI tools more, people are getting more clever with their prompts, and how they work with AI. One of these has been AI script generators, which are helping in the content creation process. 

But, what are script generators and how do they work? 

What Are AI Script Generators? 

If you’ve ever recorded a TikTok video, YouTube video, podcast, or anything else, you know that having a set script can help you stay on track when filming. However, traditional script writing can be time-consuming, resulting in a lack of content creation. 

However, with the power of AI, you can generate an entire script, edit it to your liking, and then be on your way to filming. Some tools are powered to be strictly script generators, while as others are general text generators that have the ability to generate a variety of copy and ideas. We will see examples of both below!

It can save you a lot of time, and most of these tools are completely free. Most all script generators are powered by AI, to produce a mass text in a matter of seconds. The tools work so that you can type in a “prompt” with the topic and information, so the AI can pull from multiple sources to create a response. 

How to Use Script Generators 

The more specific you get with the AI script generator, the better. The AI will take exactly what information you give it and cross-reference it to come up with an answer. Some tools have different features such as selecting the length of the script, which tone of voice you want it in, generating multiple versions, etc. 

When you enter a prompt, make sure to enter these details: 

  • Topic. What are you talking about? What’s the objective you’re trying to achieve?
  • Length of script. How many characters, words, or pages should this be?
  • What the script is for. Which platform is this for? Who is this for?
  • Structure. Do you want there to be a specific structure? 

This will give you a starting point for a detailed prompt. Then, as you get more and more comfortable, you can play around with how you write the prompts you give to the AI.

Free Script Generators

Thankfully there are a variety of free AI script generators to help you create your content. Each one is slightly different, so there may be one that you like better. Additionally, some of these tools can be used for text generation beyond scriptwriting. 


So far, ChatGPT has seemed to dominate the AI space. Before ChatGPT, many weren’t even  aware of AI and its implications. But now, we have some more information and advice on how to use this tool. 

Although ChatGPT has an endless amount of opportunities and uses, it can definitely be used as a script generator. For example, you can tell the tool, “I need a 1-2 minute script for a TikTok video with 6 ways to monetize your TikTok account.” 

Here are what the results will look like: 

As you can see, it even adds transitions and conversational cues that make it feel more natural. But of course, you should always change the copy to match your brands tone of voice. However, its an excellent start and has already saved you a lot of time. 

Another great script generator is Veed,io’s. With this platform, you can enter in the video topic, video vibe, and video format. This helps structure your prompt a little better, so you can generate better results. From the vibes, you can choose from casual, professional, funny, informative, or creative. You can select fromats from YouTube, TikTok Clip, Instagram Reel, or LinkedIn Post. 

Here’s an example:

  • Video topic: The top 5 cheapest places to travel around the world. 
  • Vibe: Creative 
  • Video format: Instagram Reels

TikTok Script Generator

TikTok also decided to launch their own AI, called the “Creative Assistant” which will help creators in their content creation process. This feature is only available on the Desktop version, to those with TikTok Business and Creator accounts. In this version, you can select your industry, explain your product name, and add a product description. 

So we can tell that this script generator is directed only towards products, and you don’t have as much freedom to generate scripts about content beyond your brand. However, this can be extremely useful when creating branded content and Ads. 

It’s also important to note that this feature is currently only available in English. 


At Metricool we also have our own AI text generator. This can be used to generate any text for social media content, with the ability to choose from different lengths, 13 different tones, and over 50 languages. 

This of course can also generate a script for any platform and length. Choose between headline, medium, or long. After you enter your prompt, our tool will generate 5 different ideas.

You can use this AI text generator for free, with up to 3 uses per month, to generate 15 new content ideas. You can also use up to 50 uses per brand per month, with our Advanced, and Custom plans

You can of course also create an account completely for free, and manage all your social media accounts in one place. Learn more about Metricool below. 

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 09 November 2023

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