LinkedIn Top Voices [Guide 2023] 

12 September 2023

Having your voice recognized on social media platforms is important, especially professional recognition. This can help leverage your business, gain trust amongst your audience, and validate your expertise. 

LinkedIn Voices is a feature that highlights a group of experts on LinkedIn around the world, covering a variety of topics. 

What is LinkedIn Top Voices?

Top Voices on LinkedIn is an invitation-only program, that selects a group of experts on LinkedIn that share valuable insights and knowledge about their industry or expertise to the LinkedIn community. 

These Top Voices then receive badges on their profile, similar to how you can find them across other platforms, except these are not “verification” badges. They are simply to highlight a user’s professional skills, expertise, or noteworthy contributions. 

Let’s see how it works!

How Top Voices on LinkedIn Works 

Users recognized as a “Top Voice” are rewarded for their contributions in one of two programs: The Top Voices program or the Community Top Voices program. 

Each program has its own criteria to join, and corresponding badges.

LinkedIn Top Voices program

Represented by a blue badge, this is an invitation-only program for top-level experts and leaders around the world. 

Top Voices was previously known as the Influencer program, which changed at the end of 2022, and members of this were already part of the new Top Voices program. 

For this program, you need to be sent an invitation and unfortunately, there is no other way to apply. Therefore LinkedIn carefully chooses users for the program, to award the blue badge. 

The network conducts research to ensure that these users meet certain requirements, including user trust, frequent activity on the network, and sharing valuable content. 

If the network deems it necessary, or your account has violated the Professional Community Policies, LinkedIn can remove this badge at any time. 

Community Top Voices program

Represented by a light gold badge, this can be earned through notable contributions to collaborative articles, which are earned for a specific skill on your profile. 

This program is independent of the Top Voices program, but has some commonalities, as it also rewards users via skill badges. 

The gold badge will be awarded to users who prove expertise in one, or several, specific skills. Users can become a Community Top Voice through contributions they make in collaborative articles. In this case, the badge depends on other users and if they find the work notable. 

Once awarded, the Community Top Voice badge is available for 60 days, but once again may be removed by the network if your work is irrelevant, unoriginal, or violates the Professional Community Policies. 

In order to keep this badge for longer than 60 days, users must continue to add relevant, original information that their audience continues to find noteworthy. 

Tips to Gain the Top Voices Badge 

It’s obvious that this badge is really helpful for growing your LinkedIn account. Having this pinned in your profile can help boost your presence and build a strong professional reputation. 

But, how can you earn these badges? Well, since one is an invitation-only program, and the other is completely up to the LinkedIn community, there aren’t specific actions per se that you can take. 

However, there are some areas you can focus on improving to increase your chances of earning a badge. 

Optimize your account profile 

An essential part of your LinkedIn reputation, without a doubt, is your profile since this is the first thing users see when clicking on your profile. You need to make sure that you have the basics such as an accurate profile picture, complete business information, and professional orientation. 

Take time to add in your work experience, skills, certifications, etc. You want to complete as many sections as possible. Also, you can attach your resume, samples of your work, or contributions to help build your reputation. 

Maintain a standard posting frequency 

One of the first requirements that LinkedIn presents in order to maintain these badges, is remaining active in posting valuable content. Especially if we are talking about the Community Top Voice badge, which gives you 60 days before they can remove it. 

So, how can you do this? I’m going to let you in on a valuable tip: schedule your LinkedIn content with Metricool. Just plan the content, select the time and date you want, and the tool will auto-publish the content on your profile or page. 

Share valuable content 

I know it’s easier said than done, but this is crucial for the LinkedIn community to consider your profile and content relevant. 

Also, by posting quality content, you encourage users to participate in your content and increase your chances of reaching a larger audience. Try including calls-to-action inviting users to engage with your content. 

Create a network of contacts

One of the foundations of Top Voices is to have a network of professional contacts that can advocate for your profile and content. 

Stay connected with these contacts by interacting with their content, mentioning their account, or collaborating with this account.  

Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to professionals who may not know you yet. LinkedIn is built to grow your network and find other professionals, and an audience that is interested in your field. 

This is how Top Voices on LinkedIn works, so set your goals high and aim for those badges! 

What do you think of this feature? Are you going to try to go for it? Let us know in the comments. 

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 12 September 2023


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