What Are X (Twitter) Communities?

20 July 2023

In an effort to keep users engaged on the app, Twitter has been fighting for it’s trust with users, especially after the launch of Meta’s new Twitter-esque app, Threads.

Imagine having a private group where you can share content and interact with members. You’ve just described a Twitter Community.

💡 Twitter communities are an exclusive space to share content, discuss certain topics and connect with other users on the network.

If you want to find out about all the essentials in the latest Twitter update and how to create a Twitter community, keep reading!

How Do X (Twitter) Communities Work?

As we’ve said, a community on Twitter is an exclusive space. Meaning you have to meet certain requirements to join, share content, etc.

One of these requirements is that the account you use to create or participate in a community has to be public. At least for now. Twitter is working on extending this function to private accounts too. 

Twitter Communities are created and managed by users on Twitter, meaning that admin and moderators can enforce Community rules and ensure content doesn’t violate Twitter’s terms of service.

If you still have doubts, don’t worry, we’ll try to solve them:

▶️ How do I join a Community on X?

For now, X offers two types of communities: open and closed membership.

In open communities, anyone with an X account can join the community. Just tap on ‘Join’ and accept the rules by tapping on ‘Accept and join’ and you’ll be part of the community. You can search for communities in the Twitter section on your browser. In the magnifying glass, you can search by the topic you’re interested in. 

You can also follow the Twitter Communities account, and find new communities to join.

In invite-only communities, you either need to be asked to join, or request to join. Each user that joins a community gets five invitations to give out to other users. This is how the community grows. 

If you find an invite-only community, click on “Agree and ask to join” which will send the moderator a notification that you want to join.

When you join a community, you’ll see the Communities platform on the Twitter app or on the sidebar in the browser.

▶️ How do I post and share content?

You may be a bit confused by the volume of profiles. However, don’t worry because you can tweet just for your community or followers.

First of all, make sure you are viewing the Community’s feed before posting.

When you’re part of a community, the platform will give you two options when you tweet: for everyone (your message will go out to every user of your content) or for a specific community (when you belong to more than one community).

If you tweet into a community, the messages show up in chronological order on the members’ timelines.

▶️ Can you leave a Community?

If you don’t want to belong to a community anymore, you can leave whenever you want. Just go to the ‘Community’ page, tap on ‘Joined’ and ‘Leave the community.’ 

Unlike when you delete your X account, when the platform deletes all your tweets, your content remains in the Community even after you leave it.

Want to re-join the Community? You don’t have to be invited again. You can just join again with your original invitation.

▶️ What are the different roles?

Like any other community, in addition to the members, someone has to manage it.

In Twitter communities, there’s an administrator and a moderator.

  • Administrator.

The administrator is the user who created the community and, therefore, is the owner. They are responsible for everything related to the community in the beginning. Then, they can get help from moderators to resolve any issues.

To be an admin of a Twitter community, you have to have a public account that is at least six months old, have verified either an email address or a phone number, and must not violate, or have a history of violating, the platform’s terms of service.

  • Moderator.

Remember Twitch mods? It’s the same here. Twitter community mods are in charge of making sure all members have a great experience.

Admins can add new moderators from the list of all members, and they can also remove any moderators.

▶️ Can you report content on Communities?

Since Twitter Communities are managed by administrators and moderators, they have the ability to create their own rules. There must be a minimum of one rule for each community, with a maximum of 10.

Any user can report a Community note by clicking on the “more” icon next to the tweet. Then select Report Tweet, and choose the “It breaks the Community rules“. From here you can get more specific about how the tweet violated the rules.

After reporting the issue, you can choose to mute or block the account whose Tweet you’ve reported. Just as you can report specific tweets, you can also report accounts by following the same steps as above.

Twitter Community Features:

Inviting and managing members of the community and removing members as necessary.

Enforcing the community’s rules.

Hiding any tweets that break the rules so members don’t see them.

Participating actively in the community through healthy debate or responding to tweets.

The moderator should be someone you trust. This could be a follower who has been with you from the beginning or someone you know personally. In the end, they’re in charge of managing a community that you’ve created and that represents your brand.

How to Create an X Community

If you see the communities icon when you go into Twitter, it means you meet the requirements to create your own community. 

To get started, tap on the icon and Twitter will take you to the Communities page.

  • Tap the ‘+’ button at the top right. 
  • Fill in the info Twitter asks for. The community name, why you’re creating it and type of membership: open or members only.
  • Tap ‘Create’. The next thing you’ll see is your community screen, which you can personalize with a cover picture, change the name or description, invite members and establish the rules.
how to create twitter communities

From here, all you have to do is start tweeting into your community and keep growing on Twitter. 

Any questions? Have you started your first community on Twitter? Tell us about it in the comments!

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