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17 November 2022

When it comes to your social media strategy, you want to ensure you have the right tools to reach your target audience, grow your brand and stay engaged with your audience. One of the many ways to do this is through video marketing. 

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is simply the use of videos to promote your products and services to your target audience, to increase traffic to your website or other social channels. Using videos in your strategy is essential, because compared to images and text, they are much more engaging content that keeps your audience excited about your content. 

With this in mind, I will share some of my favorite video marketing tools that you can use to elevate your social media pages and capitalize on video marketing. 

Before I dive into it, let me remind you that there are different types of video marketing, therefore there are tools that are more tuned to fit your goals. Focus on what kind of content you will post and that will help you choose the right tools to help you reach your audience. 

Video Software 

The following are all-in-one video marketing tools that allow you to not only film within the platform but edit your videos, add music, choose templates and share to your social networks. 


Animoto is a free video maker software, made easy for all individuals. You can choose your content type, browse hundreds of templates and add music into your videos for an overall user friendly service. 

You can also customize your videos by adding your brand logo, upload brand fonts and change the size of videos, according to different platforms. 


Biteable is also an online video maker, perfect for quick videos. You can use their animated templates and even live action stock footage. If you are looking to create a quick promotional video, this platform is great for speedy editing and uploading.

With an easy to use interface, you’ll be able to create content in no time with Biteable.


Although this software is on the more expensive side, this is an advanced platform for marketers and advertisers. With this tool, you can create an unlimited amount of videos per month, access stock images and videos, pick creative templates and export your content in high quality. 

If you’re wanting a professional, innovative and creative platform, Shakr is one of the leading video softwares out there, maybe explaining why they are partners with Meta and TikTok. 

YouTube Optimization/Video Analytics

If your business or brand is prominent on YouTube, you probably know that SEO is an extremely important part in increasing visibility across your channels. When it comes to video marketing, these tools below can help you leverage your channel and help your videos reach new communities.

So, with YouTube Analytics and keyword optimization tools, can help you leverage your YouTube channel. However, Morningfame is currently an invitation only tool. So, if you want to join you have to be invited by an existing user. 


If you can’t join Mornfingame, VidIQ is also a YouTube SEO tool that anyone can sign up for. With their keyword tool, you can see the volume of keywords, the level of competition that this word has and an overall score of keywords.

You can also see how your competitors are doing, compare your own videos and see how you can improve your strategy. 


With our platform, you can link to your YouTube account directly into our analytics feature, and pull data from your channel. Look at the overall growth of your account, see what your demographics are, video views and add competitors. 

All of these options, available with a Premium Metricool account. 

Don’t have an account? Sign up today!

And if you’re not sure how to navigate YouTube or where to start, read this to gain insights about how you can start your YouTube Marketing strategy

Video Editing 

Milk is to coffee as editing is to video, it would be plain, boring and not tasteless. So, with that said I am going to leave some top-tier editing softwares that will help you create crisp, exciting and tasteful videos. 

Final Cut Pro

From Apple, Final Cut Pro is a video editing software that offers a wealth of editing power and is easy to use for all, not just video savvy individuals. There are also many plug-in options, if you need to add an external effect in your video. 

When it comes to sharing, Final Cut is easy to export to services like YouTube in a quick and easy way. 

Adobe Premiere Pro 

Adobe Premiere is another video editing platform that is aimed towards professionals, as it is packed with pro-level tools, effects and integration with Creative Cloud apps. If you are already a fan of Adobe products, then this will be no different. 

Adobe seems to always be evolving and adapting to users’ needs. 


CapCut is a video editing software that is completely free. For how impressive CapCut already is, the fact that you can use it at zero cost is a huge benefit when using this platform. 

Split clips, change the speed, reverse clips, choose music from the library, add filters and effects, all available within CapCut. 

Video Hosting/Screenshare

If you record videos, and realize you need to screen record to explain a feature or show part of your business these following hosting and screenshare video platforms are great to elevate your business. 


Sometimes trying to explain something to your coworker or client is difficult through writing or worse, we have all faced the annoyance that is technical difficulties when trying to share your screen in a meeting. 

Therefore, Loom allows you to record screenshared videos quickly and easily, so you can then share them for the recipient to watch at their own convenience. After recording, you can instantly upload and share it. 


Similar to Loom, Vimeo allows you to screen record as well as directly record in the platform. This is also an easy to use program, and is great if you have a team to share an account. Uploading videos to Vimeo and sharing it across social platforms is easy with Vimeo.


If you have an online business, Vidyard may be the platform for you. Although they offer video hosting and management, they also have options for integrations such as LinkedIn, Sales Force Cloud, Gmail, Google Drive, Twitter and Facebook, among others. 

This application is also free, when adding it as a Chrome Extension. 

Video Streaming 

Going Live is now a huge part of social media, however it seems that inside apps like TikTok and Instagram, you’re somewhat limited to the actions you can perform once the stream has started. 


With Streamyard, you can schedule streams directly with Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, which will then live on your page. While you’re live, you can also add banners, reply to comments, share a presentation, add your brand logos and colors within the stream and even have someone in the backend in case anything goes wrong. 

Now that you know just a few video marketing tools, I hope you can use these to elevate your video content and grow your business. Not sure how to market your business or brand on social media? We got you covered. 

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 17 November 2022

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