X Announces New Brand Safety Measures

09 August 2023

Twitter-X has announced all kinds of changes recently, but the newest has to do with safety measures. It has been stated that X wants to be an app heavily based on Free Speech, and some are concerned about brand safety. This new safety measure in partnership with Integral Ad Science was taken to reassure users about concerns. They state:

“The launch of pre-bid Adjacency Controls is a great example of our commitment. More than 1,900 global advertisers now leverage this solution to avoid adjacency to undesired keywords and handle with more than a 99% efficacy rate. This month, we are expanding our industry-leading partnerships and capabilities of Adjacency Controls to help all advertisers achieve their unique suitability needs in a more scaled and automated way. These new capabilities will work together to unlock an extended level of adjacency protection for X advertisers.” 

What Safety Measures Will X Offer? 

X will be offering new safety measures to ease the concerns of the users. There will be 3 main measures taken: 

  • Premium and Vetted inventory- to ensure safe ad placements 
  • Pre-made blocklists
  • New Sensitivity Settings

Premium and Vetted Inventory

This is to ensure that users will not see inappropriate or offensive ads on their feeds. These new solutions will complement their existing brand safety measurement solutions with IAS and other measurement providers. 

Pre-made Blocklists

They also created an automated, industry-standard blocklist that aims to protect advertisers from appearing adjacent to unsafe keywords on your feed. 

New Sensitivity Settings

You will be able to choose one of 3 settings choices: 

  1. Relaxed– “Show ads alongside some sensitive content to maximize reach”
  2. Standard– “Show ads alongside a reduced range of content for brands with moderate sensitivity thresholds 
  3. Conservative– “Show ads alongside limited content for brands with strict sensitivity thresholds

X is proving that safety is a priority and is taking the proper measures! X has seen lots of recent updates and changes and will continue to. To stay up to date and learn more about their new Ad Display, click the button below: 

sophie sophie , 09 August 2023

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