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Instagram is one of the most used social networks at the moment, and for this reason most companies and people use this platform as a mean to achieve their goals, among which can be:

📌 Increase business visibility

📌 Increase conversions

📌 Reach a wider audience

This is why creating a good marketing strategy will achieve these objectives, but there is something very important that you cannot leave aside…Your followers. 

Both quality and quantity should be kept in mind, this will not only help you achieve your goal, but it will also allow other people to analyze the credibility and value of your Instagram account.

Here I will give you some tips to increase followers on Instagram …

How to get followers on Instagram: 6 tips 

I can’t give you a secret recipe to attract followers from day one, consider that you and your company will have to work hard and plan effectively.

It’s not going to happen overnight!

First: optimize your Instagram profile

You won’t be able to increase the amount of followers you have if you haven’t optimized your Instagram profile:

Profile picture: Upload one that makes your business recognizable, like the logo. This will give credibility to your account and they will have no hesitation in following you.

Add a descriptive biography: take advantage of the few characters available to use with Instagram to best describe what you do.

Only use the link that exists on Instagram

✅ Add your contact information

Second: create a good content strategy

You can’t send followers to your Instagram account until they have something worth seeing. If you are new to Instagram, you should start by creating a content strategy.

If on the other hand you already have an Instagram account, but it is not growing as fast as you want, start by reviewing your content strategy to see if there is something you need to change.

And now the most important question…where to begin? A good way to start is by researching your competition.

⏭ Observe which publications are the ones that generate the best engagement

To best allow you to draw your own content strategy based on the experiences of other similar brands with more experience. Take note of the steps that your competition takes on Instagram. The hours in which it publishes, the type of content it shares, which brands it follows. During this research period, write down all your movements.

Also keep in mind…

✅ Plan valuable content for your followers

✅ Share in a variety of formats

✅Use all the tools of Instagram: publications, Instagram Stories and IGTV.

✅ Use hashtags

With Metricool you can discover your best hours to publish and also plan your content in a virtual calendar for free. You want to know more? 

Plan your social media posts

Make your Instagram account visible

Now that you’ve populated your Instagram account with interesting and valuable content, it’s time to promote your account.

⏭ Add to your email signatures and other social media account descriptions.

⏭ Mention your account on other social media platforms with a call to action for “Follow us on Instagram!” Some of your first Instagram followers are likely people who follow you on other social media sites. After all, they are your biggest fans.

⏭ Interact with other accounts: comment, like and follow accounts that may be of interest.

⏭Use the hashtags to increase your visibility within the social network. 

Create contests for your users to generate content

User generated content is a great way to interact with your audience. People like to participate in contests and more when they win something for free in return.

⏭Create contests that invite your audience to send videos or images using your product and that tag your brand.

⏭ Another way to use this content generated by third parties is to find the photos of users with your products and ask them to let you use them. A simple comment on your photo such as “We would like to know if you want us to use your photo on our Instagram?”. The next step is to tag that person in the brand’s account.

These are some tips to grow your followers on Instagram. Do you have any others to add to the list?

Analyze, analyze and analyze

This is the last tip on the list because you cannot get to work until you have developed your strategy on Instagram and have content to analyze. 

However, it is a very important step to reach your goal: get followers on Instagram.

Analyzing how your efforts on Instagram have worked out allows you to know many things, including whether or not your efforts have increased the number of followers. 

By measuring your marketing strategy you can reach many conclusions that will help you optimize your future content: 

✅ Find out which content your followers like the most.

✅What hours or days do your posts perform best.

✅Are there any particular kinds of posts that increase your followers?

✅Have your followers decreased? How can that happen? 

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