How to tag people on Twitter

20 January 2022

Tagging users on Twitter is another way to mention someone in a tweet. As we know, Twitter limits the number of characters you can use in a tweet so tagging has the advantage of not using extra characters in the text box. You can only tag a user in a tweet that contains an image. It’s not possible if the tweet includes a video or GIF.

Once the presentations have been made, we will show you how to tag people on Twitter through the social network itself and with Metricool.

How to tag users on Twitter

Tagging a user on Twitter is simple. Follow these steps to tag a user in a Tweet with a photo easily:

▶️ Open Twitter and click on ‘Tweet.’

▶️ Type the text and add the images (up to 4).

▶️ When you add the first image, you will see the ‘Who’s in this photo?’ option at the bottom.

▶️ Search the user you would like to tag by their name or username and select.

▶️ Once tagged, click ‘Done’ and follow the usual steps to post a tweet.

The tweet has been posted with the users you wanted to tag. Are there any limitations regarding tags on Twitter? I am afraid so.

❌ You can only tag a maximum of 10 users per tweet.

This limit is by tweet. It does not depend on the number of photos attached. This means that if you add more than one image to the tweet, you won’t be able to tag more than ten people.

 ❌ There are users you won’t be able to tag in your tweet.

On Twitter, each user decides whether to allow other users to tag them.  Even if you follow each other, the other user has the option to disable the tab and you will not be able to tag them.

The same happens with those who have a private account or have blocked you on the social platform. 

How to tag people on Twitter with Metricool

With Metricool, you can easily schedule all your tweets and tag up to 10 users, once you add multimedia content.

How to do it?

▶️ Open the Metricool planner and write the tweet. Remember to choose Twitter as your social network.

▶️ Add the images you want (up to 4) and click on ‘Twitter Presets’ and ‘+ Tag people’.

▶️ In the search window, write the user’s name you want to tag and Metricool will auto-fill the field.

▶️ Once you save the users. You will see the tagged users and an option to remove them.

▶️ Choose the tweet’s time and date of publication and hit save.

Do you want to try scheduling your content on Twitter and tag any user?

how to tag on twitter

Similarly to Twitter, you cannot tag a user from Metricool who has disabled tags, has blocked you or has a private account.

Now you know how to tag people on Twitter from the social network itself and with Metricool; where you can schedule tweets and have more have time to focus on other tasks. 

If you want to get started on Twitter, here is the Twitter marketing guide we have prepared at Metricool.

And if you have any questions, you can write to us in the comments section. We will read your comments! 👇🏻

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 20 January 2022
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