How to improve engagement on LinkedIn

18 June 2021

So, if your objective is focused on improving your engagement on LinkedIn and making sure your content has the results you expect, I put together some tips that will help you achieve your goals:

Tips to increase the engagement of your posts on LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, you can’t simply copy-paste the link of a post from your blog or add a simple phrase. I have put together some valuable tips that will help you generate content to thrive on this social platform.

Let’s get started…

Publish different types of content

Create content that covers different areas and topics to engage your followers. 

These are some ideas to avoid boring your audience:

⏩ Share interesting and insightful data with your audience.

⏩ Publish updates related to your company.

⏩ Create infographics.

⏩ Share the latest news.

Vary the format of your posts

In the professional world apart from sharing long-form posts, you can also resort to other types of formats to attract the attention of your audience and that work well on LinkedIn too

⏩ Use graphs to share the information.

⏩ Create infographics 

⏩ Create videos.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors through your content

Analyzing the content of your competitors is important, but not to look like them, just the opposite.

It is essential to share different content and at the same time valuable for your followers to increase your engagement.

Generating original content and different from your competitors will attract the attention of your followers and increase the possibilities to go viral with your content.

Create attractive content

Apart from trying different formats, approaching different topics and being different from your competitors, you can focus your efforts to make sure your content reaches your engagement goals.

Remember to use keywords: You will appear in the first results of related searches.

Create content that adds value to your brand: Avoid spam. Talk about subjects that are useful beyond the services you offer.

Make sure you transmit your message properly: It’s important that your followers understand the message that you want to send.

Participate in the conversation

The name social networks is not random. Pay attention to people’s comments on your publications or updates on LinkedIn. Reply to all their comments or reactions as soon as you can. 

⏩ It will show that you are actively involved. 

⏩ You’re implying that behind that screen is someone just like everyone else.

⏩ It will help you to build loyalty amongst your followers.

⏩ You will encourage interesting conversations that will be very beneficial. 

Program your content

Prepare your content monthly to avoid mistakes and make sure that you share everything you have prepared. 

Planning tools like Metricol will bring multiple benefits: 

⏩ Save time on your social media strategy.

⏩ Organize your LinkedIn content efficiently. 

Do you want to try our planning calendar on Metricool?

Plan your content on LinkedIn and increase your engagement.

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LinkedIn groups are a great way to meet other professionals in your sector. It can be the perfect place to share valuable content, advise other professionals and make yourself known.

Apply these tips to your strategy in order to improve your engagement on LinkedIn and share your thoughts with us. Do you want to learn a bit more about how to use this social platform?

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Sara Martín Sara Martín , 18 June 2021


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