How to Add Line Breaks on Instagram

How many times have you done and redone a post on Instagram because the spaces between paragraphs didn’t look right?

If you write a post on this social network and all the text is shown together and messy, the quality of the content will be reduced and the caption of the Instagram photo won’t be legible. 

As a great social media professional, the objective is the same for all:

↪️ Easily reach any type of audience

↪️ Ensure that the experience on your Instagram profile is enjoyable and encouraging for your followers so they come back. 

So, how do you insert line breaks and easily split paragraphs in both your captions and your bio?

How to Add Line Breaks in Instagram Captions

Before, Instagram did not allow users to add line breaks to their captions. Captions used to be grouped together making the information hard to read. Having a line break between the description of the post and the call to action makes it easier to tell what the post is all about.

Now all you have to do to create a line break on Instagram is simply click ‘return’ when you want to break up your caption.

Write Captions Using Metricool

When using Metricool, you are able to write engaging and organized captions easily. Metricool has an emoji feature, a URL generator for campaigns, a Text Generator with AI, and a Saved Text feature.

Emoji Feature

To access emojis for your Instagram captions, all you have to do is head to Planning on your Metricool tool, Create a New Post, type your post, and add your emojis by clicking on the smiley face at the bottom of the page. With all of these features, you can add line breaks by simply pressing ‘Return

AI Text Generator

Inside Metricool’s Planner, you will find an AI assistant that helps you create texts for your social media copy. Our assistant is ready to put itself in the shoes of a social media manager and adapt your instructions to text.

The goal is that you avoid facing writer’s block and save time, while the assistant creates the copy you need for each social media network.

Saved Text Feature

Save your most used texts, hashtags, or posts to include in your content again in one click, by using Metricool’s “save text” feature. Head to the Planning page, click Create New Post, and click on the Folder icon.

How To Add Line Breaks in Your Bio

If you want to add line breaks to your bio to make it easier to read for your audience, all you have to do is type one line and when you want to move to the next break, you will click the ‘Return‘ button.

This option is available on both the desktop version and from your mobile device.

If you want to know other tricks about Instagram and how to get the most out of your strategy on this social platform I have the perfect guide for you…

sophie sophie , 27 November 2023

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