How to add line breaks on Instagram

Isabel Romero
24 March, 2020

How many times have you done and redone a post on Instagram because the spaces between paragraphs didn’t look right? Sometimes with a space, sometimes without or even with two periods together.

For reasons that we don’t quite understand, Instagram doesn’t usually allow insert spaces between paragraphs, that is by pressing enter, you don’t go directly to the next paragraph. 

If you write a post on this social network and all the text is shown together and messy, the quality of the content will be reduced and the caption of the Instagram photo won’t be legible. 

As a great social media professional, the objective is the same for all:

↪️ Easily reach any type of audience

↪️ Ensure that the experience on your Instagram profile is enjoyable and encouraging for your followers so they come back. 

So, how do you insert line breaks and easily split paragraphs?

 There are two possible ways to do it…

Create a space or line break on Instagram with punctuation marks

This is the easiest way to create separate paragraphs on your Instagram captions, although it’s not very aesthetically pleasing.

To do so, simply write a text that goes with your image. Then, when you want to make a line break:

1.    Finish your phrase with a period or emojis and press enter. Don’t add an extra space otherwise the line break won’t remain. [Period or Emoji + enter]

2.    Now that you are in the next “paragraph”. Write a new period and press enter again.

3.    In the third paragraph you can continue writing.

As you can see the result is not very aesthetically pleasing. However, is a quick and easy option to separate texts and make sure everything is in the right place.

Invisible spaces on Instagram: Copy-paste a space 

This option is the cleanest for uploading your posts on Instagram. There is no need to use periods or commas that can ruin a great copy. 

The process is simple, copy this space between parenthesis ( ) and paste it wherever you want to insert a line break.

During the text edition, you will see more than one space, it is only visual, that is, when you save changes, you will only see one.

As you can see, your post will be clean and easy to read, it’d look like you have inserted an enter on your Instagram posts.

So, while we wait for Instagram to solve this issue with the use of separate paragraphs, you can use these two options.

Which one do you prefer? 😄  

If you want to know other tricks about Instagram and how to get the most out of your strategy on this social platform I have the perfect guide for you…

Isabel Romero


  1. Oscar

    La primera opción de los puntos y aparte que comentáis es la que usamos actualmente, no sabíamos la segunda opción y me parece genial, gran truquillo👏👏.
    Por otra parte, hay una aplicación que se llama “instaspacer” que te deja los textos con los espacios que necesitas, aparte de que te da opción de poner negritas y cursivas, queda genial también 👍

    • Sara Martín

      ¡Gracias Óscar!

  2. Maureen McRae

    I just tested out my theory. To add line breaks & make space between paragraphs without using punctuation marks I write all of my text in iPhone notes. Android likely has its own version of Notes app. I write the text including the hashtags in notes. To add the space I hit return, tap space bar a time or 2 & continue writing the next paragraph. When I’m finished writing it I copy from notes & paste it into my post before I share it. When I upload it it has the space between the paragraphs.

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