Create polls on Facebook in under 5 minutes

Sara Martín
17 July, 2018

Polls on social networks have been incredibly successful this year. You can now create polls on Facebook Stories about any subject or topic related to your sector.

Go ahead and start creating your polls on Facebook today.

You will surprised about the results


You can only create polls that are limited in time and where users must only choose between two options.

How to create a poll on Facebook

Follow these 3 easy steps and generate your survey today from the Facebook mobile app.

  1. When you access your business page, you have to click on ‘Add story’.
  2. Upload the content you want to your Facebook story and tap on Stickers (tool located at the top right).
  3. Within all the stickers that Facebook offers you, click on ‘Poll’.
  4. Write the question you want to ask your followers and the two answer options you give with up to 20 characters limit in each one.
  5. Click on Done and ‘Share in story’.
polls on facebook

Some ideas to create your own poll

The more original your polls are, the better. However, what if you are running out of ideas?

No worries. You can find some inspiration here:

Build expectations about your next product or service launch

It’s a good idea to create expectations for your new products, new features, etc.

Make your audience be part of your business decisions.

It’s very beneficial to use polls to discover what’s in your audience’s mind and help improve your business strategy.

Why don’t you create a poll to let users give their opinion and assist you in deciding what your company’s next steps should be?

Be creative when you do polls

Try to be original to create striking polls that reach a larger audience.

You should also consider the type of polls that work best.

Advantages of using polls

Are you still considering whether to use polls on Facebook or not?

You won’t be able to resist creating your own Facebook polls after reading these 7 reasons. Be amazed by their benefits.

Increase engagement on Facebook

Facebook algorithm has a direct impact in the visibility of publications.

If you feel that nobody is reading your posts and your audience doesn’t react to them, test your account. Create polls to move your followers and create more interactions with your brand.

Discover the opinion of your followers

Polls or focus groups are the oldest methods applied on traditional marketing. Nowadays, they are still in use and relevant sources of information.

Ask through polls and obtain interesting data for your brand.

  • What your followers like
  • Their opinion about your brand
  • What they would change about your brand

Build relationships with your followers

A way to keep a dialog with your audience is to make them participate in your activity. Before making a decision for your company, create a poll on Facebook and discover the opinion of your audience.

This helps to generate a sense of community and make the people who participated in the poll feel important.

Remember to share the results once the poll is over.

Attract attention

Sharing videos, images or texts is something typical in this social network. Break the routine and once in a while include a poll to capture user’s attention.

Create a poll on Facebook and analyze the results, this is a great way to check if something works.

So as you can see, creating polls on Facebook is very easy.

If you are interested in more actions for your strategy on Facebook here you have all the information: Facebook Marketing.

So this is all! We will read your comments! 👇🏻

Sara Martín


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