Recommendations for your Google Ads campaigns

19 May 2020

On Metricool you can find a new page with recommendations and tips to improve your campaigns on Google Ads and get the most out of this advertising platform.

Each recommendation provides suggestions that will improve the performance of your Google Ads campaigns.

These recommendations are related to:

  • Changes in budget
  • Changes in bidding
  • Keywords

Recommendations for your Google Ads campaigns with Metricool

For some time now, users have been able to set up their Google Ads account directly from Metricool and connect them to the platform. Once they do it, they will be able to create, manage and analyze their Google Ads campaigns.

More information about how to manage your ads with Metricool

Apart from all of this, now Metricool provides users with valuable Google Ads recommendations to improve the performance of their campaigns.

This way you can do everything related to your Google Ads campaigns from Metricool, without the need to leave this platform. 

Where to find these recommendations on Metricool

On the upper menu ➡️ Ads ➡️ Recommendations, you can find this new feature.

Once you click this option, tap the button Analyze campaigns to check out all the recommendations from Google Ads. You will see all the updates in real time.

You will see up to 8 types of recommendations for your ads campaigns: 

  • Fixing campaigns limited by budget: Increase the budget of your ad campaigns that have hit the limit to enhance their performance. 
  • Adding new keywords: show your ads more frequently to people searching for what your business offers.
  • Change keyword match type: Add phrases or broad match versions of your keywords: Show your ads on more searches relevant to your business.
  • Bidding with Target CPA: bid more efficiently with a CPA target strategy. Get more conversions at a lower or similar CPA with a fully automated bid strategy.
  • Bidding with Maximize conversions: Bid more efficiently with Maximize Conversions, get more conversions at a similar cost with a fully automated bid strategy.
  • Bidding with Enhanced CPC: Bid more efficiently with Enhanced CPC: Automatically optimize your bids at auction time for searches more likely to lead to conversions.
  • Bidding with Maximize clicks: Bid more efficiently with Maximize clicks strategy: Get more clicks at a similar cost with a fully automated bid strategy.

When the progress bar is complete, a list of recommendations (grouped by type) for your active campaigns on Google Ads will display.

You will obtain the following data:

  • Benefit: The first number on the left side of each recommendation is the benefit that you can obtain if you decide to apply the suggestion. 
  • Recommendation: The type of recommendation.
  • Metrics: It shows the metrics that will change if you opt to apply the recommendation. This information will help you make a decision easily.

If you want to dive into each recommendation, click the button Show on the right side. You will see all the recommended changes and have the option to choose which ones you want to apply.

If you want to continue with the changes, simply click apply and then tap accept those changes.

Advantages of using Google Ads recommendations

Although I am sure you aware, Google Ads recommendations bring a lot of advantages that will help to optimize your work:

✅ Nobody knows better than Google what will work for your ad campaigns.

✅ You can optimize your online ad campaigns with one click.

✅ You will save time: Instead of spending time on analyzing your ads, Google will give you the solution and you will be able to optimize your campaigns fast.

✅ It improves the performance of your campaigns and ads with the recommendations of from the platform itself. 

And up to this point, that’s everything you need to know! 

Do you want to try Google’s recommendations to get the most out of your ad campaigns?

And if you want to learn what else you can accomplish with Metricool We’ll tell you everything…

Sara Martín Sara Martín , 19 May 2020


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