Repost on TikTok: What it is and how it works

Carlos Bravo
19 January, 2022

Would you like to share a TikTok video uploaded by another user? Now it is possible with the repost on TikTok.

We will tell you how to do it in this article.

What is “repost” on TikTok?

With the repost button on TikTok, you can share a video that another user has uploaded.

If you are usually on other social networks, this feature will remind you to the repost option on Instagram or the retweet function.

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How to repost on TikTok

To repost a TikTok video, follow these steps:

1 Go to the ‘For You’ feed

2 Click on ‘share’, the icon with an arrow below the comments button.

3 Tap on the ‘Repost’ option, a yellow button with white arrows

4 Write a message that will accompany the reposted video

5 Users who follow you and you follow them too will see this video in their ‘For You’ feeds

Characteristics of the repost

Although the term is the same as on Instagram, reposting on TikTok has some differences from other social networks:

✅ The video you repost will not appear on your feed, unlike on Instagram or Twitter. The reposted clips will be seen only by users who follow you, and you follow them, too. 

You can’t share any video you find on TikTok. It has to show up in the ‘For You’ section.

This TikTok feature allows you to share the videos you like, so the ‘For You’ feed continues to grow its presence for TikTok users. The repost you make will only appear in this section.

This is the repost feature on TikTok. Grab the opportunity to share content on this platform and continue growing with your community.

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Carlos Bravo


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