Community Manager: Born or Made?

Laura Montells

Laura Montells,

Do you want to become a Community Manager but you don’t know where to begin? What do they do and what are their main tasks? Don’t worry, we are here to answer all your questions.

What is a Community Manager? As you probably already know a Community Manager profile is currently one of the most demanded roles in the market. This can be explained since it’s none other than the person in charge to put the image of a specific brand or company on different social networks. However, is a Community Manager born or made?


Is a Community Manager born or made?

If you have some doubts about starting a new journey in the world of social networks, you should put your concerns aside because no Social Media Manager was born knowing. So then, what do you need to know to become an authentic Social Media Manager? Grab your best notebook and note down everything we are about to explain to start your adventure in social networking. Shall we?

What is a Community Manager?

Before getting into business, it is crucial that you have a clear understanding of what is a Community or Media Manager. In short, it’s the person in charge of managing the social networks of a brand or company. When we talk about managing social networks, it’s something more than putting new status or interacting with users, the role of this digital marketing professional goes beyond these activities.

A Community Manager is also in charge of preparing digital strategies, making reports, customer service and even looking for influencers to get more attention to your brand in social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. In summary, the community manager is responsible for increasing and defending the image of a company in the digital world. Amazing, right?

Community or Social Media Manager

Some people or entities differentiate the Social Media Manager role from the Community Manager.


Is a Community Manager and a Social Media Manager the same? Discover the difference.

The difference remains in that a Community Manager is the person in charge of carrying out a strategy on social networks, and a Social Media Manager would be in charge of creating that strategy.

This difference doesn’t always apply and normally both profiles merge into one.

Skills That a Social Media Manager Should Have 

If you’re wondering what kind of skills you need to master social networks and become the perfect Community Manager, stop looking, we’ve compiled all the information you need:

  • You should have certain knowledge of communication and marketing, and have the ability to empathize and connect with your users.
  • Besides, you should know everything about the company or brand that you work for and always be informed with the latest news in order to advance ahead of your competitors.
  • Patience combined with the ability to solve conflicts will be your best weapon.
  • The more versatile you are, the better since it will play to your advantage having knowledge of digital marketing, journalism, advertising and public relations.
  • Technology will be your best ally, so you will need to be up-to-date with all necessary tools that can help you to make your job easier.


Social Media Scheduler

Knowing all this, you can develop your work perfectly.

What Does a Community Manager Do?

Now that you have some idea about what you should know to become an authentic Social Media Manager, which tasks should this social network professional develop? Pay attention to all of them!

Monitoring a Brand in Different Social Networks

What are the users of a brand talking about? What are your competitors doing? What do your clients need? As a Social Media Manager, you will have to be the company’s eyes and ears on the Internet. Monitoring tools will be your best ally and help you always be aware of what’s going on around your brand.


It’s indispensable to learn how to do competitive analysis or Benchmarketing.

Informing the Company About Their Users Activity

As a Community Manager, you have to inform departments about complaints, suggestions or positive comments coming from the users of the brand. It’s very important to treat this info as something very valuable that will help you to improve your digital strategy and draw up an action business plan.

Twitter Benchmark

Twitter Benchmark Analysis


The best way to show your work as a Social Media or Community Manager is through a Social Network Monthly Report.

Getting to Know the Different Departments of the Company

What happens if a user asks you how a specific product works and you don’t exactly know the answer? It is useless carrying out the management and development of a social network plan if you don’t know how to give answers to all the doubts that your clients might have.

This is why, you should first establish a relationship with the different departments of the company in order to consult any possible doubt or inform about a complaint so you can adapt better to the needs and goals of your brand.

Company´s Voice and Ears

Yes, you will be the face of the company in the digital environment. So, it’s essential that you know every detail of the brand, and of course, it’s target audience.

However, how can you connect with your public? You will learn this with time if you keep paying attention to the publications that are better received and always give adequate answers in a personal tone.

Contacting Influencers or Opinion Leaders 

Do you want to boost the growth of your brand’s community in a short period of time? If you want to increase the number of followers and also the reach of your company on social networks, you should involve influencers in your digital marketing strategy.

How do you do it? Your role will consist of searching for opinion leaders or influencers that sympathize with your brand. For example, if you are managing a fashion brand, you should get in touch with bloggers, Instagramers or YouTubers that are focused on the same sector.

However, take advantage of these individuals only to carry out exceptional actions for your company such as a specific ad campaign, event or promotion.

Making Users Ambassadors of the Brand 

Which users make more comments and interact more often with your brand? Your role as a Social Media Manager consists on identifying those users and establishing a collaborative relationship with them so they become ambassadors of your brand. This will help to rapidly increase your company’s community.

Social Media Management Tools for Community Managers

As every professional in Digital Marketing, a Community Manager must know how to use a variety of tools to automatize and make easier his job. It’s a thing of the past when a Social Media Manager spent endless hours trying to collect relevant info or publishing manually the different entries on each social network.

Thanks to tools like Metricool, Slack, Canva or Easelly, your work as a Social Media Manager will be a piece of cake. Do you want to know more about them? Keep reading!


Can you imagine having all your social networks together in the same platform? Now this is possible with Metricool. If you are looking for a tool that has everything, there is no doubt that Metricool is what you need.

You can analyze, manage and measure your brand impact on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Besides, you can obtain all the metrics of your blog or website.

You will soon realize all the time and work you can save with this tool:

  • Consult all relevant stats related to your accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and your blog or website.
  • Make your own reports in a matter of seconds.
  • Monitor the social networks of your brand or company.
  • Measure hashtags that you want on the company events.
  • Program publications and content to make your work easier and save time.Metricool has a mobile App so you can always be informed about what’s going on in your client’s social networks wherever you are.


Free Social Media Management Tool


If you weren’t sure how to make more fluid the communication between the different departments of your company when small unexpected issues arose, Slack is the solution.

With this instant message tool, you can be in touch with the responsible person of each department at any moment. Best of all is that you can organize your chats by topics, categories, teams, … and you can also add tasks or send files. Easy, fast and simple!


Is graphic design not one of your strengths to make your own creations on the Net? What can you do? Don’t worry, Canva can save you a lot of trouble. With this tool, any person will be able to design and edit his own images. Canva offers templates with beautiful and professional designs.


To put the icing on the cake to our list of tools, Easelly will help you with your infographics on the social networks. Simple and straightforward!

As you read in this post, a Community Manager is built with time, as long as you put interest into what you do, keep studying and do it with enthusiasm. Are you ready to become a real Community Manager?

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