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25 February 2020

Google Ads extensions: what they are

A Google ads extension is an option available for text ads. The objective of these extensions is to add extra information that eases the interaction between the user and the ad and at the same time, increases the CTR.

Google Ads extensions can improve the quality score since they increase the percentage of clicks on ads. Google extensions make ads more attractive to users.

Besides, ad extensions occupy a larger space on the search page results which helps to catch the attention of users.

A Google Ads extension is one of the three main factors that impact on the price that you will pay for your ads along with bids and the Quality Score.

Google values it when advertisers include extensions in their ads,  that is, when they add more information for users.

The only disadvantage is that extensions are not always displayed. They will only appear on those ads that rank in the first positions amongst Google search results. The final decision about whether to show extensions or not is up to Google. The factors that it considers are as follows:

▶️ Quality Score of an ad

The Quality Score depends on three factors: The quality of the landing page, the relevance of the ads and keywords and finally, the performance of the ads. Ads must get a good score so that the Google ad extensions are displayed.

▶️ Ad ranking

The higher the ranking on the page results, the more space for the ad and therefore, the higher the chances that the extensions will be shown. In order to get a good ranking, the Quality Score must be high as mentioned before.

▶️ The rest of  Google Ads Extensions

Google will show the best performing combination of extensions and formats amongst the ones activated by the advertiser.

In terms of cost, adding extensions on Google Ads is completely free. Advertisers only pay when a user clicks the ad, either on the title or any of the extensions. The only exception is clicks on seller ratings, which are not charged.

Types of Google Ads Extensions

There are several types of ad extensions on Google Ads based on goals:

Goal: Get customers to buy from your business location

⚡️ Location extensions: To encourage potential customers to visit your business with information about your location, a call button or a link to your contact page.

⚡️ Affiliate location extensions: This extension helps customers to find business chains that sell your products.

⚡️ Callout extensions: You can add additional text to your ads. For example: Free shipping. If you use these callout extensions wisely you can convert users.

Goal: Get customers to contact your company

⚡️ Call extensions: You can add a telephone number to encourage users to call your business.

⚡️ Message extensions: with this extension, users can send text messages to your business.

Goal: Get customers to convert on your website

⚡️ Sitelink extensions: Link users to other pages of your site. As you can see in the example below:

⚡️ Structured snippet extensions: Google allows you to highlight information that potential customers will find most valuable. You can create a list of items.

⚡️ Price extensions: it shows products with their prices so people can make decisions with this information.

Goal: Get users to download your app

⚡️ App extensions: Encourage potential customers to download your app.

5 tricks to optimize your extensions on Google Ads

Now that you know what Google Ads extensions are, we have put together some good tricks to get the most out of your ad extensions on Google.


Adding extensions to your ads is free, so you should include them. Google Ads recommends adding at least four extensions per ad.


Google establishes some requirements that you must follow  to increase the possibilities that extensions will appear in the browser. So, make sure you follow Google’s rules to be sure your extensions are displayed.


Add links to other pages of your website. Short and striking.


Don’t forget to optimize extensions for mobiles. This is the best way to ensure that the extensions will show up for those users on their phones.


Get the most out the extra space that you earn with Google Ads extensions, don’t repeat text that already appears in the ad. Include relevant and useful information for your potential customers.

That’s all about Google Ads extensions, which ones you can use depending on your goal and the best tricks to get the most out of them.

If you still have some questions about this part of Google Ads, you can write and we’ll answer as soon as possible. 👇🏻

Sara Martín Sara Martín , 25 February 2020

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