How to monetize Instagram

14 February 2023

Instagram is full of opportunities, and more and more people are looking to earn money through this social network.

If you are one of the people who wants to monetize their Instagram account and do not know how … This article is for you.

What do you need to monetize on Instagram: requirements

You can monetize on Instagram, but to do so,  you need to meet a few requirements that if you don’t do it now, you can try to meet.

#1. Have a large community on Instagram

If you want to earn money through Instagram it is important to have a high number of followers.

But not just any type of community is valid, the followers must be of quality. To achieve this first requirement, there are many who buy followers to later realize that it doesn’t bring any advantage. 

#2. Publish quality content

To be able to monetize on Instagram and for your strategy to improve, it is essential to have good quality content that adds value to users.

In this way you will attract more public, so you will increase the number of followers on your Instagram account and you will also have more possibilities of earning money thanks to your photos or videos on Instagram.

#3. Keep the profile active

Within an Instagram marketing strategy there is always the activity factor.

It allows you to keep your users up to date as well as gradually making them dependent and hooked to your content.

Watch out! Posting too much content can be mistaken for spam and you could end up losing followers for it.

Find a middle ground with the frequency of your posting without being excessive.

Monetize Instagram: Earn money

The world of social media changes very fast, and what we do one day may no longer work a few months or years later. However, there are actions that you can make money with on Instagram and that are working for a large number of users right now.

When you share affiliate products, you will receive a compensation if users buy the products through the link you have shared.

Affiliate marketing can be done on web pages but also on Instagram.

Make collaborations with brands

Many brands are looking for ambassadors who talk about them on their social networks and can sell their products or services. 

⏩ You can contact companies to offer your services

It is true that it is not easy to find brands that are looking for influencers since it is usually the other way around, and it is companies that are looking for instagramers with whom to work within a marketing strategy.

⏩ Use influencer marketing platforms

These platforms help you to offer specific campaigns to different brands. It is easier because they have direct contact with the companies seeking these services.

Ver esta publicación en Instagram

Una publicación compartida de MARÍA FERNÁNDEZ-RUBÍES SOLER (@mariafrubies)

Sell your products

If you are starting to create products such as presets, images, posters, jewelry … you can start trying to sell them on Instagram through Instagram Shopping or serve as a showcase for your products.

Here is an example:

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by HAREM`s JEWELRY (@haremsjewel)

Create a store on Instagram Shopping

If you already have an online store with a website, you can create a specific Instagram account and add the Instagram Shopping option.

Earn affiliate commissions

Instagram is currently testing a new tool for content creators. With it, they will be able to earn commissions for the sale of a product they promote. All within the application.

For this, Instagram will inform at the top of the post that if you buy the product using the affiliate post, you are helping the content creator. A feature that strengthens the relationship between the content creator and brands.

Create a store

Those content creators who have their own brand have an online store available within their Instagram profile.

There they can put their own products on sale and won’t need an external website. The products they put on sale are linked with any of the Instagram merchandising partners: Bravado / UMG, Spring, Represent, and Fanjoy.

Receive gifts from fans

You may be familiar with the idea of gift giving on social media, like what is now available on TikTok. Content creators can now receive gifts from their fans.

Viewers can purchase Stars and send them to their favorite creators. Instagram them provides these creators with a revenue share from the reels that received gifts.

And this is all metricoolers,

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Sara Martín Sara Martín , 14 February 2023

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