YouTube testing a recommended “For You” section

YouTube has jumped on the “For You” trend and is testing a new way to help users find more relevant content with a recommended section. These recommendations will be based on users’ individual interests!

It’s no surprise that YouTube is wanting to keep up with other social platforms by testing some new features out! Their goal is to gain more users on their platform and help them watch, share and create content more easily.

Cue the beta testing!

This new test is rolling out to a small group of users for a short period of time. Are you seeing the “For You” section on your channel homepage yet?

Directly from the source, here is what they are currently working on with their YouTube recommended section:

We’re starting to test a way to make the channel homepage more personalized to individual viewers by adding a new “For You” section that will recommend a mix of different content types from that channel based on the videos they’ve already watched.

YouTube Community

With these beta tests, it looks like creators are unable to opt out of the new section. However, when the feature does roll out to everyone, there will be more control! Users will be able to control whether or not they want the “For You” section shown on their channels and what types of content they want to be shown.

Find more information about the recommended “For You” page below. Creator Insider outlines the details that YouTube has released so far!

Known features that are coming:

  • When a user lands on a creator’s home page, recommendations will be personalized based on videos they’ve already watched, topic affinity, and more!
  • When a channel has different content formats, languages, and topics, the more effective the personalizations will be.

Despite the news, the “For You” section is still in its early stages. In the coming months, YouTube will be gathering feedback from users and creators to make sure the feature is useful for everyone. Whether or not you’re seeing it already, it does seem like this new feature will eventually be available for everyone and will be here to stay!

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Alex Caceres Alex Caceres , 10 August 2023
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