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30 August 2022

Do you usually use your mobile phone to measure your social media metrics? In this post, we’ll reveal the Instagram analytics app that will soon become your favorite tool.

Which is it? Keep reading, we don’t like spoilers here!

What is the best Instagram analytics app?

You guessed it: we were talking about Metricool.

Not only is Metricool an awesome tool to analyze your Instagram metrics from your desktop. you can also see all your info from the mobile app, which is available on both iOS and Android.

So, how do you get your metrics from Metricool? Here’s how this analytics app Instagram works:

  1. Download and open the Metricool app.
  2. Create your Metricool account for free, or log in if you’ve already got one.
  3. Connect Instagram to Metricool in Settings > Brand Settings  > Connections > Instagram.

Presto, your account is connected to Metricool. What metrics can you see from the app?


A detailed look at the numbers you’ve racked up in your community within the chosen time frame.

This first section is divided into Growth, which has the number of followers and following, and the follower balance, with the new followers you’ve gained.


Do you know where your followers are from? Knowing data such as location, gender, or nationality for your strategy is important.

In the Demographics section, Metricool offers you data on gender (male, female, or unknown), age (from 13–17 to +65), and graphs on your followers by country and city.


This section gives you a complete summary of your profile. The tool gets to the nitty-gritty later. This section is just a general overview of your account.

Here you can see your impressions, average reach per day, profile views, website clicks, and the number of posts.


As promised, the app gets to the guts of your Instagram metrics to show you how your content has performed. This first section only deals with posts. The rest of the content comes later.

When you click on this section, you’ll see an organic summary of your posts, with engagement, interactions, average reach/post, and impressions. Next, you have detailed data on the interactions: likes, comments, and the times your posts have been saved.

In the next section, you have the types of posts you’ve shared, divided into images, videos, and carousels —you know, the slideshow of up to 10 images or videos— and the impressions you’ve achieved, split into organic and paid.

Finally, the list of posts gives you a detailed view of each post. First, you’ll see a preview with the comments, and if you click, you’ll see all the metrics in detail: impressions, reach, comments, likes, etc.

instagram analytics app metricool


Reels are another feature you can analyze in Metricool. This allows you to separate feed posts from reels and stories.

In this section, you’ll find an organic summary with engagement, interactions, average reach/reel, video views, and the number of reels. Organic interactions detail the total number of likes, comments, and saves.

The list of reels contains all the short videos you’ve uploaded, with detailed metrics on each one when you click on them. Exactly the same as in the posts section.


When used smartly, hashtags can become your best ally to boost your posts’ reach. 

Metricool offers you metrics about the hashtags you’ve used: impressions, the number of posts you’ve used this hashtag on, the likes it got, and comments.


Last section is about the type of content you can upload to Instagram: stories. 

That 24-hour content you upload to your profile and then add to highlights is also important to measure.

In the stories section, you can see the impressions, average reach/story, and the number of stories you’ve uploaded. And as in the previous sections, you can see your stories’ metrics in detail.


The last section of your new favorite Instagram analytics app is Competition.

Here you can analyze and measure how your main competitors are doing. Simply log in, click on add competitor, and enter their account username. 

Ready, go get ‘em!

Advantages of using Metricool as an Instagram analytics app

With everything we’ve told you about Metricool, surely you’ve had enough?

Well, don’t leave just yet, because we have more for you: why use Metricool as an analytics app for Instagram?

  • In addition to offering you all your account’s metrics, the Metricool app lets you manage all your social media content from the same place and schedule posts (images, short videos, and reels automatically; stories and long videos semi-manually). This will save you heaps of time in your daily workflow.
  • Manage your other social networks from the same place: Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and more. All in one mobile app. 
  • Generate PDF or PPT performance reports with your Instagram account metrics. Forget about painstakingly collecting each piece of data and taking hours and hours to create your report: Metricool does it all for you in one click.

As you’ve seen, there’s no shortage of reasons to use Metricool to measure your Instagram data. Want to learn more? Check out the Metricool mobile app mega tutorial with all the features:

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 30 August 2022

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