Top 5 Social Media Strategies for Creators & Entrepreneurs in 2023

20 December 2022

The new year is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to start working on those social media strategies for 2023 that will help you achieve your goals as a creator, entrepreneur, or business owner.

Here at Metricool, we have partnered with Juan from IG Creator Academy to bring you the best, out-of-the-box, social media strategies to make sure your brand stands out and to help you achieve success in 2023.

Gone are the days when social media strategies were just about creating content, posting it, and spending some time engaging. 

Competition is higher than ever on every social media platform so developing a strong social media strategy is key for anyone looking to grow a brand and build a business from social media.

Here are our top 5 strategies for creators & entrepreneurs in 2023.

1. Create more authentic content to deepen relationships with your audience and strengthen the sense of community

Social media users have started to crave authenticity and realness from their favorite brands and creators. They no longer want to see a perfect life or the perfect business.

They want real stories. Stories that are relatable to them and that make them feel like part of a greater whole.

You can incorporate this into your content easily by focusing on sharing more “community-based” content which includes your personal stories, your journey as a creator, entrepreneur, or business owner, the struggles you’ve had in your life, your worst mistakes, and any difficult times.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying everything should be “negative”. 

Share your successes, your victories, and your wins too. But share it in a way that will motivate your audience because they have seen the hard work you’ve had to put in to get where you are.

Show them you’re just a normal human being and that if you have achieved something, they can too.

2. Master storytelling to increase engagement and sales

More and more creators, entrepreneurs, and business owners are starting to use social media as their main lead generation and sales tool. However, selling on social media is not as easy as putting the words “buy from me” on every post.

Learning how to tell stories through content is essential to evoke emotions in people. Remember humans don’t buy for logical reasons, they buy for emotional reasons.

This strategy ties in perfectly with strategy #1. When you learn how to be authentic, real, and relatable through the stories you tell with your content, you’re essentially making people like you, know you, and trust you better. And the like, know, and trust factor is exactly what you need to make sales on social media.

Luckily, social media is the perfect medium to tell stories. With the rise of video, storytelling has never been easier. Stories are engaging so more people will be willing to engage with your content.

For example, by doing vlogs, with a voice-over, you can tell a powerful story and end it with a clear call to action that will end up in more comments, DMs, or more traffic to your website, sales page, etc

3. Create more evergreen content in long-form platforms and repurpose it into micro-content for short-form platforms

Competition is rising which means being discoverable on platforms like Instagram is getting harder. This is why one of the social media strategies you should consider for 2023 is creating long-form content that is evergreen on your own blog or YouTube channel. 

Google and YouTube are the two biggest search engines and every piece of content that you create there if optimized correctly will help you be discovered by new audiences for months or even years!

This is why we believe your main efforts should be focused on your blog and Youtube and then repurposing your macro content into micro-content for Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Twitter.

How would this work? From a blog post that is evergreen, you can extract multiple pieces of content like quotes for Twitter, summaries for Instagram carousels, or even infographics for Pinterest. From a YouTube video, you can extract multiple short videos to use on TikTok, Shorts, and Reels.

The idea is that you work smarter and not harder, which takes us to our next strategy for social media.

4. Work smarter and create data-driven content

Second-guessing what you should post next week is a thing of the past, especially if you’re going to be diversifying into new platforms. 

We strongly believe in the power of repurposing to help you increase your brand awareness and reach new audiences on new platforms. That’s why we work with so many different social media platforms in Metricool

However, we are also aware that every social media platform is different and the results you will see from your content will differ from platform to platform. 

This is why tracking your analytics is so important, because data is the only reliable source when it comes to informing your efforts on social media.

With our advanced analytics, you and your team can easily pull out reports to understand what type of content is working and what is not. Maybe quotes are crushing it on Instagram, but perform poorly on Pinterest.

Based on this data, you can make decisions and optimize your content strategy on social media.

5. Focus on more collaborations for more brand awareness & business growth

The social media economy is a collaborative economy and creators always put the community first. 

This year we saw the rise of collaborations, especially on Instagram with the new collaborative feature. But collaborations can happen in so many different ways. Guest interviews, podcast interviews, guest blog posts, etc

The idea is that by partnering with other industry experts you can reach newer audiences and increase brand awareness.

Besides this, collaborations can result in even bigger partnerships that could benefit your business.

We have seen a lot of creators, entrepreneurs, and even businesses partner to create new products, programs, retreats, etc in order to serve their audiences and communities much better.

So this is it, Metricoolers! 

Our top social media strategies for creators, entrepreneurs, and business owners in 2023!

It’s all about authenticity, storytelling, community, working smarter, and diversifying.

Will you be applying these strategies to help you achieve your social media goals in 2023?

Anniston Ward Anniston Ward , 20 December 2022

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