TikTok Stories

Carlos Bravo
23 August, 2021

Stories have become one of the most popular content formats on social media: 24-hour posts to interact with.

TikTok, the short video app, also bets on this type of content with TikTok stories.

This article will tell you what they are about and their main characteristic to compare them with other social profiles.

What are TikTok stories?

TikTok stories are photo or video posts that last 24 hours on the social network. After that time, they disappear.

The objective of the platform is to offer other types of content different from what they already offer: duets, live videos, and short videos.

Their bet on stories includes the content format already present on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Even Twitter had Fleets, a similar format to stories removed on August 3rd.

How do they work? What is the difference between them?

TikTok Stories Features

To understand a little more about this TikTok functionality, we have put together some characteristics to know how these stories work. 

This will help you to compare this format with the stories on Instagram, Facebook, etc.

✅ The duration of the stories.

Like with the rest of social networks, the content that you upload to stories lasts 24 hours on the platform.

The content is removed when that time goes by, and neither your followers nor TikTok users can see it.

✅ Editing possibilities.

With TikTok stories, you personalize the content with the tools provided by the platform: for now, you can add stickers, text, music from the library, as well as effects or filters.

✅ The type of content.

Short videos are the main format on TikTok. You can share images on your stories, although it is not the main type of content.

Also, you can share videos and images in vertical format.

✅ Where you can see it.

If you are a regular TikTok user, you already know how the app works: you will find the content ready to watch and enjoy as soon as you enter.

You will find the stories in the left sidebar of the application. Similar to Instagram but vertically.

How to interact.

Unlike Instagram or Facebook, which allows you to reply to stories as a private message, on TikTok, the responses will be like a regular post. In other words, it will be public.

You can interact with the story, reply publicly, like comments and follow other accounts from the comment wall.

This is how TikTok stories work, prepare your strategy to share content in story format on the platform.

And if you haven’t started on TikTok …

Carlos Bravo


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