Community Manager: How is the day-to-day

Sara Martín
13 February, 2018

We often hear about Community Managers, but what do they do day to day and what exactly do they work on? To help you out with these questions, we have created a list with a summary of a Community Manager’s job description:


What is a Community Manager?

A Community Manager is an expert on Social Networks and the person in charge of digital strategies. However, a Community Manager is more than just this. They are the professionals working within the Digital Marketing department and responsible for the management and development of a brand’s online community.

A Community Manager must establish a strategy and goals focused on the company’s social media. To do so, CMs work on different areas:

  • Creation and management of content
  • Monitorization of social networks
  • Social media analytics
  • Action Plan for digital marketing
  • Connection with the community

To summarize, a Community Manager oversees the communication and reputation of a company in the digital area.


Community Manager vs Social Media Manager: Differences

It is very important to know the difference between these two profiles. It’s true that often both roles merge into one, but there still are some clear differences:

  • A Social Media Manager creates the strategy for all social channels and the Community Manager is the one to put it into practice.
  • Social Media Managers choose the tools that will be used by CMs to develop their job
  • One of the roles of a Community Manager is to implement the actions of competitions and promotions defined by a Social Media Manager.
  • A Social Media Manager creates the SEO strategy that a Community Manager will carry out
  • The CM directs the communications and actions to the audience that the Social Media Manager previously defined and segmented.
  • A Social Media Manager organizes and manages the budget for the implementation of the strategy.


Role of a Community Manager

✅ To pay attention to what the internet is saying about their brand: They must use some monitoring tools to carry out this task.

✅ To inform the company about what is relevant on Social Networks: A Community Manager is always on social networks gathering information that will help to elaborate the marketing strategy or to define the business action plan.

✅ To respond to the digital community: The CM is the image and voice of a brand and therefore, they are in charge of facing any situation that might occur on the internet

✅ To find new clients using the internet: A continuous analysis of the social networks makes a CM an expert on this subject. They also have a very good understanding about who is using them. Therefore, they are very good at knowing what users want and what they are looking for.

✅ To create content for social platforms: A Community Manager controls the image of a business on social networks. One of their most important tasks is to create content to attract and capture more followers.

✅ To know how to manage a crisis on the social networks: The most common mistake is to react too fast without first considering the possible risks.

✅ To monitor and evaluate the results on social networks periodically: This is about looking into social networks statistics, such as, the increase of followers or the lower level of engagement. Tools like Metricool can help with this task.

What does a Community Manager do?

Social networks are the main tool for a Community Manager. They work on improving the visibility of a brand in the digital world, manage social networks and create content.

  1. They manage social networks and the content daily. They are on the lookout for new trends and news about their sector.
  2. They look for real followers, that is, active users that leave comments and like their brand.
  3. They create engagement: Through the content they publish and interacting with other users.
  4. They answer comments from users and interact with them.
  5. They solve possible online crisis that might start on any social network.

To develop all these functions, a Community manager uses different tools that help them with their day-to-day tasks. These tools make the use of so many social networks and the creation of content a bit more enjoyable.


Essential tools for a Community Manager

As we explained before, a Community Manager is a multitasker. Publishing different content on several social networks is not easy. Many of these social networks differ from each other and therefore, different publications must be created for each of them.

On top of this, social networks never sleep and to succeed, the social networks of a business must be constantly active. For this reason, there are tools that can help plan the content and assist Community Managers to analyze all the metrics.

Metricool is a tool used by many Community professionals because it’s very thorough and allows for planning all types of content on social networks. Metricool also provides metrics for different platforms during a day, week or a month. All this info is gathered in a report at the end of each month that allows comparison of the evolution over time.

When you select ‘real time’, you can see the current metrics, all updated.

There are also other tools to create content and to make it more original: Photo apps for social networks, like Canva or video editors. Thanks to these types of tools found on the internet, Community Managers can upload more creative content, reaching the target of capturing the attention of their audience.

Sara Martín


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