How to create a TikTok account

22 April 2021

You probably have passed some of your time watching videos, laughing at the challenges, and being impressed by the creativity of the ‘TikTokers.’ So today, you are here to take the step to create a TikTok account.

TikTok is indeed a particular social network that allows you to view its content without being registered. But without creating a TikTok account, you aren’t allowed to post your own videos, react to content, interact with other users, or have a community of followers.

This is why the time has come for you to make a TikTok account!

how to create a TikTok account

Create a TikTok account, step by step

To start with your TikTok account, first you need to download the application on your mobile device.

If it is more convenient for you, keep in mind that you can also register through the TikTok website.

Have you already downloaded it? It’s time to register.

1 Open the TikTok app and choose how you want to register

When you open TikTok and register, you must choose how you want to do so:

  • With your phone number
  • Through your email
  • With your Google or Apple account
  • Through Facebook or Twitter.

You choose. Let’s register with your phone number or email.

how to create a TikTok account

2 Add your date of birth

Please note that the minimum age to use TikTok is 13 years old. Don’t make mistakes in this step.

3 Create a password

It’s time to focus on the security of your account. TikTok has password requirements, including the following: between 8 and 20 characters with letters, numbers, and special symbols.

4 Add your username

The username is the name by which you will be recognized on TikTok. Try combinations until you find the one you like and that is available.

If you choose a name that doesn’t quite convince you, don’t worry because you can change it later. 

Click on Sign Up and boom! Your TikTok account will be created.

5 Confirm your email address

Before proceeding further, please verify your email address with which you have registered.

This is a simple step to complete your registration, keep your account safe, and have a contact or means to recover your password.

Once you have completed your registration, you can interact with accounts, follow users and like or comment on videos.

Suppose now that you already have your account created and want to add a client’s account. How can you do it?

How to create multiple accounts on TikTok

Adding a TikTok account is helpful if you manage different company profiles apart from your personal account.

It’s better to switch accounts from the Tiktok app itself than logging in and out with new passwords. Right?

1 Open TikTok and go to ‘Me’

The ‘Me’ button is like the one on your profile on any other social network. Here, tap on the three points at the top right to go to ‘Settings and privacy’.

2 Click Switch account

Scroll down, and at the bottom of the screen, you will find the option to switch accounts. 

If you haven’t added one before, you will see your default account and the ‘Add account’ option.

how to create a TikTok account

3 Tap ‘Add account’

When you click on ‘Add account’, the app will take you to the first step mentioned at the beginning of this post. Then you choose from the options to register, either through social networks, email, or your phone number.

Follow the steps above and you will have created another TikTok account. You can switch your profile to manage the different accounts.

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Now that you know how you create a TikTok account, why not start tracking your stats with Metricool?

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 22 April 2021

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