Instagram Design

17 December 2021

I am sure you already know that Instagram design is just as important as the content you share.

It is the first impression that any user of this social network will have as soon as they land on your profile.

And considering that Instagram has over 1.074 billion users, any detail you can use to differentiate yourself from your competition is key to success.

Have you already convinced yourself that you need to take care of the design of your Instagram account? If so, follow us on this adventure to create your design strategy.

Starting with design on Instagram

Let’s start from the beginning… your Instagram feed! What is the Instagram feed?

The first impression is crucial to success on Instagram. In the same way, a well-arranged feed can attract new followers to your community. A careless feed can ruin users’ experience and make them flee in terror.

In short, creating a design strategy on Instagram will allow you to:

Increase your community of followers, strengthening the commitment of those who already follow you and attracting new users.

✅ Improve your brand image by having quality content with a beautiful and worth visiting Instagram feed.

There are several ways to get a perfect feed: follow current trends, establish a color pattern, use a consistent style throughout the feed, etc.

In fact, among the trends, there is a current feed style that is very popular in multiple Instagram accounts: The puzzle feed.

It is an elegant style that arouses users’ curiosity since it manages to form a complete image with all the photos you have uploaded to your feed.

It takes a lot of organization and planning to create this style, so everything is in the right place.

instagram design

“Graphic design is not what you see, but what you have to make other people see” (Edgar Degas)

You probably wonder how to move those “pieces” of the puzzle without deleting images or archiving some, considering that Instagram does not allow you to freely change or move the posts.

Can you imagine having a preview of your Instagram profile before publishing a post?

With Metricool’s Instagram Feed Preview, you can see your profile feed with the posts you schedule from the platform before they are actually posted. 

Try Instagram Feed Preview with Metricool!

✅ If you want to assemble your puzzle feed and are unsure if the images are correctly arranged, you do not have to upload the image and check it from the Instagram app.

With this Metricool feature, you can preview it and change something that doesn’t look right in the image. 

Do you want to know everything about the Instagram feed preview?

Instagram design tools

If creativity is not your thing, don’t worry because here, we have prepared a list of various tools to improve the design of your Instagram profile and have an ideal feed: photo editing, video editing, and even templates for Instagram Stories.

The good thing about Instagram, and the Internet in general, is that you can learn from other profiles and gather post ideas that can help you create a content strategy and have an attractive feed.

Where do you get these ideas from? 👇🏻

Instagram Filters

Filters and effects on Instagram are an excellent opportunity to give your content a different and personal touch: learn how to search filters on Instagram to find the ideal one.

Of course, you have to be careful about adding them to your post. Make sure you use filters that combine well or opt for a dominant filter that maintains that harmony in the Instagram feed.

Filters are also available for stories. In this case, the use is different because this content lasts 24 hours.

However,  you can maintain the same style for your stories or the same filter that allows users to identify your content and profile the moment they see it. Take care of the design if you upload many stories and keep highlighted stories in your feed.

Instagram Fonts

This Instagram design option is not entirely related to your feed because it is not seen at first glance since you have to enter the post to check it.

However, it is still an essential element of your design and serves to identify your profile.

Why use different font styles on Instagram?

▶️ ️ To highlight posts: Create key posts by playing with emojis, fonts, hashtags.

▶️ ️ To be different from your competition: stand out from other brands in your field through typography. They will identify you instantly.

▶️ ️ To emphasize some of the copy: an offer, a discount, holidays, any excuse is good to use different fonts on Instagram.

Change the background color of your stories

The possibilities of this social platform in terms of design surprise you every time you upload some content to the platform.

In stories, one of the options to maintain an attractive design is to change the background color: it allows you to play with your creativity and design the content as you wish to create personalized stories.

How to take advantage of this option in your Instagram design?

And if that’s not enough, there are a large number of applications on the Internet to edit your stories . Give your personal touch to your stories so your community can identify your style instantly.

Have you already prepared your strategy to create a perfect design on Instagram?

Any questions? We read you in the comments. 👇🏻

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 17 December 2021

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