Hashtags for TikTok: which ones to use

Sara Martín
31 January, 2022

Does TikTok use hashtags the same way as in the rest of social networks? That’s what we’re here for, to talk about everything related to hashtags for TikTok.

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What hashtag to use on TikTok

TikTok hashtags come in handy to position your video if a user searches for videos using keywords and make it easier for them to appear in the trending section.

In other words, having a strategy to add hashtags to your TikTok videos will increase your views and interactions.

What do you have to keep in mind to choose hashtags for your TikTok videos?

✅ Your target customer.

If you want to reach a potential client or prospect, first, you need to think about their needs and give them the content they are looking for through hashtags.

If you upload a video about scheduling content on TikTok, using the Instagram hashtag will not help your content to be found. Therefore, that user looking for information on how to plan TikToks will not reach your video.

✅ Your account’s content

Let’s be honest, how many times have you used a hashtag that had nothing to do with your content just because it had views?

Try to use hashtags related to your content. If the theme of your profile is oriented to social media, adding a hashtag about football won’t bring any results. It is better to focus on boosting your content with real and related hashtags.

✅ Hashtag’s popularity.

And line with the previous paragraph, it is crucial that you consider the hashtag’s popularity you want to use.

When adding the hashtags related to your content, try different ones until you find the most popular with the most views. It will help you attract new users and visits to your TikTok account. 

How to find the ideal hashtag on TikTok

All that we have mentioned so far will help you reach your goals, and in theory, it seems easy. However, how to carry out this strategy and choose the right hashtag?

You have two ways to do it, with TikTok and Metricool, and we will explain both methods:

Search hashtags with TikTok

TikTok allows you to perform a hashtag search in the last step before posting your video. At the moment when you have to write your TikTok copy.

To do this, you need to tap on the hashtag icon or click on the #Hashtag button and start typing the keyword you want to be found by.

TikTok will suggest hashtags, and on the right will appear the number of views that each hashtag has received. The views reflect how popular the hashtag is.

hashtag tiktok

TikTok Hashtag search engine with Metricool

The other option to find the right hashtag for your TikTok videos is with Metricool.

When you schedule a TikTok from Metricool, you have the option to search for the best hashtags for your video. 

You just have to click on the “🔍 Hashtag” button, write a keyword related to your video, and Metricool will show you hashtags related to your search along with the number of views they have.

To add the hashtags to the post,  you just have to click on them, and they will be automatically added to the text.

hashtag for tiktok with metricool

💡 You will have the option to schedule all your TikTok videos and find the right hashtags for them. Everything in the same place.

The importance of hashtags for TikTok

If you are a TikTok expert you will surely know it by now, but hashtags are a very important part of the experience on this social network.

For example, challenges are the most viral content of the moment on TikTok and they are shared with a hashtag so that when someone searches for it, all the people who have made that challenge will appear.

For example: #ImitaElEmoji # TurnAroundChallenge or #LaxedChallenge

Even more, in the TikTok search section there is a hashtag search engine where you can see the number of views they have, that is, you will discover their level of popularity.

Hashtags work the same as on Instagram, they allow you to:

✅ Organize content by categories

✅ Help users find content on a specific topic

✅ Increase the visibility of your content

Hashtags for TikTok: what benefits do they have

Hashtags have many benefits, but the most important is that it allows you to increase your reach on TikTok and also allows that reach to be focused on people who have an interest in the type of content you are publishing.

Let’s see how adding hashtags to your posts benefits you …

Increase your reach

▶️ ️ Using hashtags in your content gives you a huge boost. TikTok randomly shows your content to many users, but thanks to the hashtag it also shows it to all those who are interested in watching videos related to the theme of the hashtag they are looking for.

▶️ ️ Also, if the theme of your video is trending on TikTok, you have the ability to appear on the trending page and have great visibility.

Create a community

It is very common for brands or companies to create their own hashtags. For example, in Metricool we use the hashtag #Metricool or #Metricoolers.

We can create a community around these tags. All those who use those hashtags in their videos will be related to our tool.

Here is an example of a hashtag that the Levi´s brand has created and has gone viral:

hashtag for tiktok

Everyone who uses that hashtag in some way belongs to the Levi’s community.

and join them! 

Thanks to hashtags we can know what is trending, what people like right now and be able to take advantage of it to generate content.

For example: TikTok has long been trending the hashtag #LearningWithTikTok. And there are many companies that have taken advantage of this trend to launch TikTok and be able to teach about their sector: pharmacy, marketing, psychology … And thus gain visibility and reach.

Most used TikTok hashtags

Still I want to give you some advice:

Using the most used hashtags or the hashtags with the most views will not guarantee increasing reach or visibility.

However, using hashtags with fewer views but more specific in terms of your content will help you increase the visibility of those people who are really interested in your content.

Before finishing the article I want to make one last recommendation. Do you want to grow on TikTok and improve your strategy?

Sara Martín


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