How to increase social media engagement

Sara Martín
24 September, 2019

Engagement is the way that users show their connection with a brand on social media. Engagement’s calculation considers the main interactions:

  • Likes
  • Mentions
  • Saved posts
  • Direct messages
  • Posts shared on Facebook
  • Retweets
  • Comments

You can know the level of involvement that users have with you by understanding the engagement rate.

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Tips to boost social media engagement

We have put together 10 useful tips to increase your social media engagement:

Social Media Marketing Guide

Listen and publish

Understanding how a social media strategy works is crucial and social listening is the process that will help you to undertake this task. You will know what users say about you on social media and what they think about your services.

Nowadays people love to share their opinions on different online platforms. Therefore, you can easily and effortlessly get valuable information about how your strategy is working

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Get to know your audience

You need to understand your audience well, so you know where to focus on social media. If your content is unable to attract your target public, you will be wasting your time and your efforts will be in vain.

Spending time to understand your customers and prospects’ needs and expectations is a must.

In short, apart from social listening, invest some time to create your buyer persona to start your marketing strategy.

 Attract users without overwhelming them 

The objective on social media is to capture users’ attention without making them feel overwhelmed.  Inbound marketing techniques are the best way to make the customer come to you more naturally and in a less invasive way.

People recognize spam instantly. So the idea is to get them to take the first step without pushing and invading their space.   

 Join the conversation 

People love when they comment on a brand they like and that brand replies. It makes them feel that their opinions matter and encourages them to keep interacting with it.

When users ask questions or comment about your brand, show them your interest by acknowledging and answering their queries. It’s a smart way to keep the conversation moving forward to encourage interactions.

Create and share valuable content 

As we mentioned, engagement is the number of interactions that your brand receives in relation to your followers.   

So, the quality of your content is crucial. Users will be encouraged to spend time on your posts and search for your publications. All this will positively impact the number of interactions you receive.

Show who is behind your brand 

 People like to feel that they are not interacting with a machine, they like to see the person behind giving them a sensation of equality. Being natural and approachable on social media is a great way to connect with your audience.

For example, when you recognize the faces behind the brand, it helps you to feel closer to them.

Stay up to date 

If you want your audience to get involved, talk about the latest news and current issues.

It is easier to connect to other people when you talk about things that are current, they are probably up-to-date and interested in the matter too.  

Publish regularly 

 If you want engagement, you must publish. You will have to post often and regularly in order to increase your social media engagement and get more interactions.

Be actively present and review when your audience is more active on social media. Metricool helps you to discover the best time to post on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter at no cost.

Plan your strategy and invest time in creating valuable and frequent posts to increase your social media engagement.

Think carefully about the formats you are sharing 

It’s true that social networks are photo oriented. However, what about the video format?

Some studies have concluded that videos help to create emotional ties with followers, and they prefer videos over images.  

Analyze which formats work best with your audience and share what they like the most..

Pay attention to the copy 

Images and videos are important but what about the copy?

It is an important part of your online publications even when it doesn’t take too much space. Many users read the text and it helps them to understand your message better. Use calls-to-action to boost your social media engagement.

Follow these simple tips and analyze their impact on your social media engagement.

Is it improving?

Sara Martín


  1. David James

    Great hacks, To gain social media engagement you have to invest a significant effort to improve your influence that will drive more potential customers for your business.

  2. team koderey

    Hey there, this is really insightful. You explained everything really well. Being a digital marketer I agree with everything you said. Your readers will surely appreciate you for sharing the same. Keep the good work up 🙂

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