Threads Adds View Counts on Posts 

13 May 2024

As we all know by now Threads and X have several similarities and are often making similar new updates. This new feature on Threads is no different. Elon implemented a feature where users can see how many views each post receives and now Threads has launched this same feature. 

This gives users a bit more insight into the amount of reach and engagement each of their individual posts received. 

How to Access View Counts on Threads

This feature is not 100% rolled out to all users just yet, but when it is all you have to do to access it is click on your specific Thread, and on the top of the post you will be able to see the number of views. See below for a post from Adam Mosseri explaining why they decided to make this update:

Views are important metrics to show users truly how many people are seeing your posts on the app, but it can come off as frustrating for some users. 

For example, if one of your posts receives 1.5k views but maybe not one single comment or like, this could frustrate users by proving their posts were unengaging or uninteresting to many people. 

This is not a metric that is very motivating for many users. The good news is that it can show you the possibilities and opportunities that the app has in terms of reach. 

This new metric will definitely cause some debate on whether or not they believe it is important information or not. 

What do you think? Do you think this is useful information and can help your strategy on Threads? Let us know!

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