How to Improve Engagement on Instagram

08 February 2024

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, therefore it’s a platform with a wider diffusion that you can use to your advantage to maximize results and reach your business goals.

Along this article, you will find several valuable tips to boost your engagement on Instagram.

10 Ways to Increase Your Engagement on Instagram

Engagement reflects the level of loyalty and commitment that your followers show towards your brand. It is measured through the amount of interactions that your Instagram account and content receive.

To start generating engagement, you need to motivate your audience and build a relationship with them so they easily feel identified with your brand. This will encourage them to become customers and recommend your products and services to other potential customers.

Let’s review these tips in detail to boost your Instagram engagement!

Optimize your Instagram profile

A striking, creative, and accessible profile is essential to capture the attention of everybody who lands on your page and a great way to get them to follow you.

To do so, keep in mind these factors:

  • Ensure that you upload a profile photo that easily identifies your brand.
  • Write a bio that describes what you do and encourage visitors to click the follow button.
  • Add your website’s URL to drive and increase traffic.

You may know that many social media networks such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter (X), allow you to include a link in your bio, but you are limited to just one. Metricool Smartlinks allows multiple links to drive traffic and provide your audience with a variety of resources.

Make sure you display your contact information: email address, telephone number, email, address, etc.

Schedule high-quality content

Analyze and determine the content that works best: which publications were more welcome amongst your audience?

Prepare a calendar with good quality and eye-catching content that invites your audience to interact.

Here are some more tips:

⏩ Share a variety of different topics on your feed

⏩ Don’t over-promote your brand, users might consider your content spam.

Publish at the right time

Each profile has its own best hours to publish on Instagram. Discover when your audience is more active and upload your content at that moment. There are tools, such as Metricool, that will tell you which days and at what time it is best to publish your content. Our planner shows you your hot hours on Instagram. The hours when most of your audience is connected.

This way you will improve the possibilities of increasing the reach of your publications and interactions. The best hours are displayed through a darker color in the planner and a percentage of the active followers there are at the time you want to schedule.

Keep your Instagram account active

Share content with your followers daily, don’t neglect your Instagram account. If you stop posting periodically, your followers might get bored and unfollow your profile.

Use all the features and resources that Instagram puts at your disposal to maximize results.

Upload stories

Stories are one of the most popular features amongst Instagram users. You are probably already aware of one of Instagram’s most used content formats. In fact, from our 2023 Instagram Study, we found that Stories are the most frequently posted content on the network. Stories work great for: provoking conversations and boosting engagements with your audience, promoting limited-time offers, and new product launches, or going behind the scenes of your business. Save Stories to your Highlights, to include evergreen information about your business or FAQs.

Create live videos

Live videos have the power to build trust with your users, increase the conversion rate, create awareness, and improve your positioning on social media. A live video is the first story that will be displayed on the upper bar of the mobile app. Finally, It allows you to connect and interact with your audience and community improving your relationship with your followers and customers.

Interact with your followers

You need to build loyalty amongst your followers to improve engagement on Instagram. Also, make sure that they like your brand and encourage them to interact with your content. This is why it is very important that you create your content with your audience in mind and actively ask for their involvement with questions and conversations.

⏩ Reply to their questions

⏩ Start a conversation with their comments

⏩ React to their answers

Use Calls to action (CTA)

It’s recommended to include calls to action in your publications to boost interactions and follower commitment with your Instagram account and ultimately increase engagement.

⏩ For instance: for more information click our bio

⏩ Insert emojis to draw attention

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Metricool EN ♾ (@metricoolapp)

As you can see, our call to action here was to comment on Calendar, and everyone who commented would receive the whole calendar via DM’s.

Organize contests or giveaways

These types of actions are very popular on Instagram. You get users to create their content and share info about your business.

Encourage your audience to participate in contests or giveaways and exchanges, they will get a small present from your brand.

Don’t be afraid to use hashtags

Instagram and hashtags come together. A hashtag consists of a hash symbol followed by a keyword that helps to increase reach on this social network. I highly recommend that you include them in your Instagram posts.

⏩ Discover which hashtags work best and add them to your publications.

⏩ Create your hashtag for your brand.

Having a good hashtag strategy and knowledge will help you get the most out of hashtags. Using local hashtags will help you find your niche audience while mixing it with those trending ones as well.

Introduce the team behind the brand

Users love to see that behind an Instagram account there is the whole human team doing the job.

Let followers get to know you and build trust.

In this photo, you can see the team behind Metricool accounts 😉

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A post shared by Metricool EN ♾ (@metricoolapp)

Analyze, analyze, and analyze

You can’t improve your engagement on Instagram if you don’t analyze your strategy. You need to know if your actions are getting the results expected and if it’s worth it to keep your efforts moving in the same direction.

Monitor each action taken, the activity on your account, and which publications are performing better.

Thanks to a thorough analysis of your Instagram account and its performance, you will get priceless information to improve your engagement moving forward:

⏩ Determine which publications work best

⏩ The growth of your followers across time

⏩ When is the best time to publish

⏩ The content format with the best engagement

With tools like Metricool, you can monitor the evolution of your account and strategy on Instagram and gather valuable metrics to help guide you in the right direction.

These are the 10 factors that you should keep in mind to boost your Instagram engagement and thrive!

There’s more to marketing on Instagram than improving engagement, there are other important things to consider… so here’s a comprehensive guide to marketing on Instagram to help you improve your strategy and get the most out of it.

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Sara Martín Sara Martín , 08 February 2024

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