Tips to enhance your personal brand on social media

1 September, 2020
Table of Contents What is a personal brand and why should you work on it?Choice of social networks for your personal brandTips to enhance your personal brand on social networksHow to boost your personal brand on social networksHow to boost your personal brand on FacebookHow to boost your personal brand on InstagramHow to enhance your […]

What is a personal brand and why should you work on it?

We all have a personal brand, although some of us invest some time on improving it and others not.  If you are not in the first group, I hope you join the latter after reading this article. 

In this post I will tell you why you have to work on your personal brand and how social networks can enhance it. 

For me the personal brand is your own stamp, the one that you print in everything you do and for which others recognize you.

If you do not work on your personal brand in a conscious way, you will not be able to reach your target audience, and leave your stamp, your essence in what you do making sure your audience receives the image that you want to give. 

We will not be able to control what impression we are leaving with others and we will go without a clear strategy in our project.

The personal brand is the strategy to fulfill a dream, an objective, if we do not use it to our advantage, we will be losing opportunities to achieve our goals. 

H2 Why should you use social media to boost your personal brand?

I like to say that social networks are perfect to transmit passions, and where better than our personal brand to show it.

If we are not able to show what we do, what we are good at, how we help other people with our work, what’s the point?

We need to make sure that we share and transmit what we are good at.

Social networks are the perfect channel to communicate and enhance our personal brand for several reasons:

  • They are free, the only cost is the time we invest in them, but if we do it with a strategy and planning, the time spent will be worth it. 
  • They allow us to communicate bi-directionally with our target audience. We can interact directly with our audience, which is impossible with traditional media.
  • We can build a community around our brand thanks to social networks.
  • They allow us to keep up to date with what is happening in our sector and what our competition is doing, which will make our brand grow.
  • With good planning, they shouldn’t take a lot of time.
  • They allow us to truly reflect our identity in the digital world.
  • They will help us position ourselves in the market and make our brand available to those who are looking for our services or products, (if we are not there, how will they find us?)
  • We will have an updated, approachable and recognizable brand.

Example of Eva Collado’s Twitter profile, a great example of a powerful personal brand in social networks. 

Choice of social networks for your personal brand

I hope you are already clear that you have to work on your personal brand, and that social networks are the perfect channel to do so.

So it’s time to choose which social networks you are going to use for your personal brand.

It’s not necessary to be present in all of them: you have to be in those in which your target audience is.

For this reason, the first thing you will have to do is to define your buyer persona, and then figure out in which networks you can find them.

So, it’s not about your favorite social network but on which social channels your audience is more active. That is, if you opt for Instagram over Twitter because you like it more but your audience is on Twitter, it will be as if you were preaching in the desert.

What I advise is that once you know in which networks you are going to find the people you want to reach, choose the networks in which you feel the most comfortable.

It helps little to open profiles on all social platforms if you are not going to dedicate time to them and share content that adds value.

For this reason, if you feel that you don’t have time for everything, it is better that you focus your efforts on those networks in which you feel more comfortable, at least at the beginning, because it will be easier for you to get started. 

But don’t lose sight of the idea that you have to be where your buyers are. 

Tips to enhance your personal brand on social networks

  • On social media you have to be and appear to be, that is, you can be a great psychologist, but if your digital presence is not taken care of, your personal brand will not be as visible and credible. On the contrary, if you are a pure digital facade, you will be unmasked quickly.
  • You should behave the same way as you do it in the offline world. Be yourself, my friend. Show your essence, that is yours and nobody else’s, and you will gain authenticity.
  • Without emotion there is no connection. This is one of my mottos, emotions are what help us to connect. 
  • Always respond to all the messages and comments they leave you on social networks, so you will build a community, and meet wonderful people.
  • What you communicate and how you do it is importantt: a good message in a nice wrapping paper is more appealing. 
  • Don’t talk about yourself, talk about your client: when you understand this, everything changes, focus on your customers and what they need.
  • Be generous: sharing is caring. Ignore those who say that you should not share what you know for “free”. By being generous  you will shine the most. Help others.
  • Be a problem solver. It is better to be part of the solution than the problem, and that should be reflected on your brand.
  • Make others shine. You will shine too and above all you will feel an immense satisfaction and happiness.
  • Take care of your image, and do not get into controversial issues that can later take a toll on you.

How to boost your personal brand on social networks

As we have seen before, we do not have to be on all social networks, only those where our audience is, so I leave you some tips to work on each social network and how they can help you with your brand.

How to boost your personal brand on Facebook

Many people say that Facebook is dead, but nothing could be further from the truth.

You have to know how to take advantage of this network and work it in a professional way.

The first thing is that if you don’t already have it, you create a Fan Page or company page. So you can have statistics and measure all your actions.

Second, optimize your page and your Facebook profile.

Many people, before deciding to hire a service or buy a product, look for that brand on Facebook, so make sure your name is easy to search and find.

Take advantage of the calls to action that Facebook offers so you choose the right one for your fan page, and your audience can contact you easily.

Facebook is much more than sharing on the wall. You can share content in different formats and take advantage of all the functionalities that Facebook offers you.

Look for groups that are related to your sector where you can share your content and interact with people who can share their knowledge with you.

Use Facebook Live and Facebook Watch to share video content. You will be surprised by the good reception it has.

If you have online stores, you can use the Facebook Online Store to sell your products.

Schedule your content with Metricool based on the best times to post on Facebook, so you can organize yourself better and not become a slave to social media.

On Facebook you will find an audience that is usually the final consumer, so take the opportunity to interact with your audience in a natural way and help them get to know you.

How to boost your personal brand on Instagram

Instagram is a perfect social network to establish direct contact with your followers.

Instagram is currently the queen of the networks, but beware! Do not get carried away by fashions, and analyze if your audience, the one who is going to buy your product, is really on Instagram. 

In my case, Instagram has helped me a lot to enhance my personal brand.

In this social network, I show my most personal side, and the person behind my brand.

The first thing that I am going to recommend is that you have a professional profile, because that way you can have statistics that are very useful to analyze your actions.

And once you have a business profile, you have to optimize it and create a BIO that shines.

Your profile is your house on Instagram, so you should keep it tidy and shiny, that encourages the visitor to stay in it and visit all its rooms.

Instagram is constantly evolving and offers us new features that I recommend that you explore and take advantage of.

I’m going to recommend several that I think can help you connect your personal brand with your target:

IGTV and Instagram Live: these are perfect channels to work on video marketing on Instagram. You can do tutorials, share some tip, talk about a current topic in your sector, interviews, broadcast an event or activity that you organize, make product launches and many other things.

Stories: Stories are one of the fundamental pillars of a good strategy on Instagram. Use them to share that content that has no place in your feed but that you want to show.

Get creative and use apps like Mojo, Storyart, Unfold or Storyluxe to edit them and get stories that attract attention and attract your audience.

Sticker: they are used in stories and they will allow you to interact with your community. My favorites are: Polls, questions, quiz and direct messages. 

It was never so easy to be able to connect directly with your target audience in such a personal way. 

Reels: It is the latest function that Instagram has incorporated, and as you already know, it looks a lot like TikTok.

It allows you to record short videos in an original way that will not disappear after 24 hours like stories. It can be a good format to show your funniest self, show your daily activity or tell what you do in a more original way.

And of course, programming is essential for me.

Posts, with good copy (text is increasingly important on Instagram) and scheduled.

Instagram is the network par excellence to interact. Give love. Do not expect to receive it if you haven’t given love before.

Also, interact with other profiles, find people and brands related to you and tell them how much you like them, share their content, comment on their posts and build relationships.

Do not forget that these platforms are “social” and that behind a profile there is a person. 

Finally, I want to tell you that the content that works best for me is where I share value, I explain how things related to my sector are done and I am generous.

So I encourage you to analyze your content well, and think about what you would like a brand like yours to offer you if you were the client

How to enhance your personal brand on LinkedIn.

The first thing you have to know is that LinkedIn is not a mere online curriculum vitae.

It is a social network for professionals and to find professionals. That is why you should have a LinkedIn profile that speaks for you and about you.

Optimize your profile: tell who you are, who and how you help, and what benefit you bring to your customers. Tell what you have to offer to your clients. 

Share valuable content, yours and from third parties. Content that is of interest to your audience and your colleagues.

Interact, comment and start a conversation in the posts of other professionals.

Use LinkedIn as a prospecting tool to find clients, but do it in a natural way, build long-lasting relationships little by little.

LinkedIn is the social network par excellence to do Social Selling, take advantage of it wisely.

How to boost your personal brand on Twitter

Twitter is a social network that works very well depending on the sector to which your brand belongs.

That is why you must analyze it very well, whether this platform is for you or not, or your client will look for you on Twitter or not.

If so, I will give you some keys to succeed with your brand on Twitter.

Use Metricool to schedule all your tweets, it’s super easy and intuitive. Use the best hours and start sharing content.

I use Feedly to curate third party content that I am interested in sharing.

Create lists with Twitter profiles from which you do not want to miss anything.

Say thank you whenever they share something yours, and respond if someone mentions you.

Follow brand and personal profiles in your sector, and retweet their content if it is interesting.

In short, interact. It’s okay to schedule your tweets, but don’t forget to enter Twitter and give love.

H2 Best tools for personal brands on social media.

Now I want to share with you which tools make my job easy and help me manage my social networks on a day-to-day basis.

For me it is very important to work with good tools that make my life easier, in order to obtain good results, make a better use of my time and dedicate myself to what is truly important.


It is my favorite management tool to program my social networks and have my posts published while I dedicate myself to other tasks. I find it especially helpful that it shows you your best times to post on its planning tab.

Measuring helps you make the necessary corrections, and the statistics that Metricool gives you are very complete. You will be able to see the evolution of your website and social networks and thus, see the reach and results of your actions and help you make decisions.

Studio Creator: 

I use this tool to schedule my posts on Instagram, and have them published directly. You can schedule posts and videos from IGTV.

It also has very complete statistics that can help you analyze your strategy.


I don’t know what I would do without this design program for non-designers.

The more you use it, the more you learn and the more original you become. I always say that being creative sells more and Canva allows me to unleash my creativity.


It is my favorite app to edit photos, to give them the tone and light that I want.

It also allows me to create custom presets and save them, to use them whenever I want.

The free mobile version is great and allows me to give my photos a professional touch.


It is the video editor that I use on my mobile.

It allows me to edit my videos in a very professional way, with results that you would never think were obtained from a mobile application.


I use it to be able to work from anywhere and share work with my clients and collaborators. For me it is fundamental in my day to day.


I use it to curate content that interests me and keep up to date with everything that is published and I don’t want to miss out.

Agendas and journal: 

There are many apps and programs to organize your time, but I still like paper and pen, because they help me develop my creativity a little better and that helps me in my personal brand.

H2 Examples of success in the use of social networks to enhance personal branding. 

Finally, I want to tell you about some cases that for me are a great example of success, since they have known how to take advantage of all the potential that social networks offered them to enhance and grow their personal brand.

Carlos Rios

Carlos Ríos, better known as the promoter of the “Realfooding” movement, has been able to take advantage of the pull that social networks gave him like anyone else.

It is a clear example of personal brand success thanks to the use of social networks.

Carlos Rios went from cooking with his grandmother to being the food superhero who fights against the ultra-processed food

He has more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram, has written several books and has become a true influencer in the world of food and nutrition, and it is easy to see people shopping at the grocery store, mobile in hand, using his app to check if the food they are about to buy is good or bad processed.

Lucia B

It is a clear example of how a person becomes a brand.

Lucía was a journalist who decided one day to reinvent herself by opening her own online store of floral headpieces. From a small town she began to share on Instagram everything she made and sold, in a very natural way, leaving her essence in everything she did.

Today it has 275K followers on Instagram, and in its online store you can find beautiful products that thousands of followers buy.

Casilda Finat

This brand of jewels bears the name of its creator.

From selling rings to friends and jewels in markets, to having an online store and seven physical stores spread across the Spanish geography, and being a reference brand for celebrities who wear all their jewelry.

She says it herself: “Part of me doing so well is thanks to Instagram. Taking out my jewelry there I made myself known. It had always been hell finding a model to wear my jewelry for the social networks. One day, I started putting them on myself and it was when I was most successful.

It is the clear example of how to make a personal brand profitable, thanks to social networks.

I hope this post helps you improve your personal brand on social media.

And if you have any questions or want to comment on something, I invite you to contact me through my social networks.


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