How to Add a Twitch Profile Picture

30 September 2021

What? You have a channel, and you still haven’t added a Twitch profile picture?

With a profile picture next to your Twitch username, you’ll draw in more views to your streaming channel, and you’ll make your viewers trust you more.

So, say cheese! We’re going to set up your profile picture on Twitch.

Add your Profile Picture on Twitch

1 Log into your Twitch channel 

Sign in to get to your personal profile with your info. Remember that you need to do this on the Twitch website.

2 Go to your ‘Channel Settings’

You can get to this section by clicking on the top right button and choosing ‘Settings’ from the drop-down box.

3 Click ‘Add profile picture’

Click on the pink icon to add your first photo. 

4 Save your changes and you’re done!

Choose the photo you want to add as your profile picture and save your changes. But don’t worry! This picture doesn’t have to be on your channel forever.

Are you wondering how to change the Twitch profile picture? Whenever you want to change it, you just need to follow the same steps as when you added it the first-time round.

Twitch Profile Picture Size & Guidelines

The file format needs to be JPG, PNG, or GIF. You have various formats, mainly GIF, to create an attractive profile picture for Twitch that will bring in new viewers.

The maximum file size is 10 MB.

Now that you know how to set up a profile picture on Twitch. Do you need tools to create one? Don’t go yet! We’ve got some suggestions for the best Twitch profile picture makers.

Even when trying hard, not everyone can be a graphic designer.

However, thanks to the internet and the amazing tools you can find by browsing, you can create a Twitch logo or profile picture.

Our recommendations.


If you’re not great at design, Canva is a go-to classic that you’ll always need at hand for social networking, including Twitch.

Canva is a simple design app that allows you to create a Twitch profile picture from scratch or by using templates you can find on the platform.

Looking for a new Twitch logo and picture? You’re in luck: they have a huge library of colors, images, fonts, and elements to get your creative juices flowing. 

✅ The free version has a good range, so you don’t need to go Premium.

Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design is a website where you can design your logo for Twitch or any other social network. While Canva is set up for any kind of design, this website is specifically aimed at logos.

This tool is particularly useful because you can create your own design: add your business name, then choose the default design and customize it to your taste. Finally, just download it!

Using the default logos, icons and shapes, you can create your Twitch profile picture easily.

✅ This editor is similar to Canva, but slightly more limited in terms of personalization, colors, etc. 

Imagine a website where you can automatically create a logo based on your name or slogan. That’s how My Brand New Logo works.

This is an app for designing your logo based on three elements: you add your company name or slogan. Then you choose what your logo is for (your sector) and three keywords in English related to it.

Once you’ve filled in these three fields, you choose a color or let the app pick one. Voilà! Now you have a range of templates to personalize your logo to your taste, thanks to My Brand New Logo creativity.

✅ If creativity isn’t your forte, and you want something quick, this is the choice for you. Unfortunately, this tool is not free like the other ones.

Now, there are no excuses for not personalizing your Twitch channel with a logo of your choice, which will help bring in new viewers to your streams.

Haven’t you started on Twitch yet? Here’s the perfect guide to get you up and running.

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo , 30 September 2021

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