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08 August 2023

Twitter never stops. Although little remains from its first version launched in 2006, the social network has remained robust and ready to keep fighting for its power. For this reason, we will compile a list of Twitter’s most novel features —both current and those that have disappeared through the years and changes. 

We still start with the most current features and go back in time to see a full timeline of Twitter’s features.


  • Verified Organizations

    The ‘Verified Organizations’ program allows the accounts of a company or organization to be verified with a yellow check. The social network itself will review each of the accounts that want to be verified as an organization.

    Twitter Subscriptions

    Twitter puts Superfollows to the side and creates subscriptions, a feature for monetizing tweet content, including text, long videos, etc. The price ranges from $2.99 USD to $9.99 USD, with the content creator taking 97% of earnings.

    Private Voice Messages

    Twitter adds a new dimension to direct messaging. The social network will allow you to record voice messages to communicate with user privately, an option that enhances communication.

    Featured Tab

    Users will be able to highlight their best tweets in a new tab in their feed. In the “highlight” tab you can highlight as many tweets as you want. This is only available for Twitter Blue users.

    Downloading Videos

    Twitter launches the option to download videos directly from the social network. This option is only available for users with a verified account, but allows them to choose the tweet and download it.

    Edit Tweets

    Editing published tweets is now available for Twitter Blue users, both classic tweets and quote retweets. But with some rules, you can only make up to five changes within 30 minutes of posting.

    Videos in 1080p

    Twitter expands the possibility to upload videos of up to 120 minutes, a maximum of 8 GB in file size, with up to 1080p quality, for the Twitter Blue users, and from the Twitter desktop version. On the other hand, for Android, it’s only available for 10 minutes.

    Up to 10,000 Characters

    Another opinion that’s also only available for Twitter Blue subscribers is the possibility of composing tweets with up to 10,000 characters. The tweet will appear shortened, with the option to “Read More” to whoever wants to see the entire tweet.

    New feed

    Twitter announces a new feed inspired by TikTok’s “For You” and “Following” sections. In the first, you can find recommended content for you based on the algorithm, and in the second are all the tweets from those accounts you follow.

    Visible Metrics

    Twitter displays in each tweet the most important metrics for all accounts. With this, you can see at a glance the number of likes obtained, comments left, and the number of shares.

    Twitter Eliminates “Legacy” Verification

    The network announced that it would eliminate all verification badges that were inherited from the previous method. That said, now to verify your account you must be a Twitter Blue subscriber.

Twitter News 2022

  • Professional Twitter Accounts

    In an effort to be a social network that can be a reference for brands and professionals, Twitter creates “Twitter for Professionals.” The objective is to help these types of accounts and improve their social media presence.

  • Negative Votes Appear

    If likes help improve reach and interactions for content creators and brands, Twitter advertises “dislikes” so people can better curate their feeds, leave their opinion, or give insight to brands on how to improve their content.

  • Twitter Communities

    Twitter includes Communities to create a private space and for users to share exclusive content. Similar to private Facebook groups, you can apply to join both public and private communities.

  • Twitter Circles

    Twitter Circles allow you to create groups of select users who will see your content. It’s similar to Instagram’s “Best Friends” feature so that only those in the group can see your tweets.

  • Photos and Videos in the Same Tweet

    Twitter includes the option to add both photos and videos in the same tweet, so you can complement both types. You can also publish tweets with multiple photos and multiple videos with a maximum of four total files.

  • A New Twitter Era with Elon Musk

    South African entrepreneur Elon Musk made his Twitter purchase official on October 28, 2022. This would embark on a new generation of the network, which would forever change many of its fundamental features and those that have been added.

  • Twitter Blue Appears

    One of the first announcements from Elon Musk was the introduction of Twitter Blue, a subscription service for all users that pay the monthly subscription fee. This includes access to exclusive benefits, including account verification.

  • Blue and Yellow Account Verifications

    With the Twitter Blue verification, two badge types appeared, a yellow and a blue one. The yellow corresponds to media and brands, and the blue one is for maintaining authentication for the other accounts.

  • Images with NFTs

    As part of the Twitter Blue subscription, you have the option to set up a profile picture with your own NFT, only for iOS users. For the moment Android doesn’t have this option.

Twitter News 2021

  • Twitter Includes “Stories”

    The rise of Instagram stories has provoked Twitter, which is seeking the same results of “Fleets” which are posts in vertical format that last for 24 hours and appear at the top of the timeline.

  • Tips for Anyone

    Subscription services start to appear on social media and Twitter is investing on the “Tip Jar” feature for users to reward content creators and brands through tips.

  • Twitter Spaces

    Audio spaces came to light with the emergence of ClubHouse, a podcast app for select creators. Twitter took advantage of this momentum to launch Twitter Spaces for all users. 

  • Superfollows Subscriptions

    Following the Tip Jar, Twitter proposed another rewarding method between creators and followers, Superfollows, allowing users to create exclusive content that others can watch through paying for access.

Twitter News 2018

  • Explore Tab

    Twitter’s goal is to ultimately keep users on the social network for as long as possible. With this, it adds the ‘Explore’ tab, available in both the app and desktop versions to discover current trends.

Twitter News 2017

  • The Biggest News: More Characters

    After almost 11 years of maintaining 140 characters, the tides turned and Twitter announces the expansion of tweets to 280 characters. This was a major event that would forever change the social network.

  • Goodbye to Mention Characters

    Twitter gets rid of the characters that take up mentions within a tweet. Now, only those characters in text format and emojis will count for the character count of your tweet.

  • Tweet Threads on the Timeline

    Conversations on Twitter enter another dimension thanks to the inclusion of tweet threads, making it easier to create a full story. The user or creator will be able to write a reply to their tweet, creating a large thread of tweets.

Twitter News 2016

  • Twitter Moments Arrive

    Twitter Moments allow creators to group related content into a single link. Threads or multiple tweets on the same topic make it easier for users to access this content.

  • Multimedia Content Independent of Characters

    Twitter announces that multimedia content (photos and videos) will no longer count as characters, permitting users to utilize up to 140 characters of text, as well as being able to include these files.

  • 140-Second Videos

    The duration of native Twitter videos changes from 30 seconds to 140 (2 minutes and 20 seconds). The goal is for users to share video content on the network without including external links on the platform.

  • Image Stickers

    Twitter allows you to include emoji stickers in uploaded images to the network. This helps creators personalize their images and interact with their community through stickers.

  • ALT Text on Twitter

    Twitter allows users and creators to add alternative text to all images included in tweets. ALT text on Twitter helps those visually impaired users to understand the image.

  • GIFs on Twitter

    Twitter becomes one of the first social networks to incorporate animated images or GIFs. The social network adds a library of GIFs to include in both tweets and replies.

  • Live Videos

    Live videos land on Twitter, with the option to make a live broadcast through Periscope. Through the API, this application allows you to connect with Twitter and create a live video.

Twitter News 2015

  • Quote Tweet Option

    Twitter includes the option to quote tweet, as well as retweet any content from another user that has a public account. Quote tweeting allows you to share the tweet with a message of your own.

  • Twitter Messages

    In addition to interactions on Twitter to communicate and share content with the community, direct messages or DMs appear for private conversations.

  • Twitter Polls

    Twitter polls are added as another option for sharing content on the network. These polls allow you to add up to 4 options of 25 characters each, for a maximum of 7 days.

  • “Likes” Arrive

    Twitter changes the “FAV” button, as the star button was originally called, for the “Like” button. In its place, a heart-shaped icon appears instead of the star.

Twitter News 2014

  • Farewell to @ in The Beginning of Tweets

    Twitter allows all users to see a tweet that starts with a mention. Before, if you didn’t start the @ symbol only those users who followed both your account and the person mentioned would see it. 

Twitter News 2007

  • Hashtags Arrive on Twitter

    Twitter hashtags first appear on the network in 2007. This idea was born by Chris Messina, a marketing specialist, who proposed these hashtags to create groups of related tweets.

Twitter News 2006

  • Twitter is Born

    In March of 2006, Twitter is born. Jack Dorsey, one of the co-founders, shared the message, “Just setting up my twtrr” under its first name before it was changed to Twitter, the infamous name we all know today.

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