Facebook Image Sizes: The Right Size for Pictures on Facebook

Laura Montells
28 June, 2021

So, we put together guidance about the correct Facebook image size to avoid pixelated images, slow uploading or images being bounced back.

▶️ They are memorable and create branding ◀️

⚠️ Remember that no matter how good, original and high-quality your content is, if you don’t get your ideal client to see your content, you won’t reach your goals.

Photos and images are the first thing you see entering your content. So, don’t get sloppy…

Facebook image sizes

On Facebook, you don’t tell a story, you show it

When a post comes with an image, it receives 53% more likes, 104% more comments and almost 84% more clicks on its related links.

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That’s the reason it is crucial to ensure that you use the correct Facebook photo size to avoid a good picture ending up ruined by the compression algorithm that Facebook uses to upload your pictures.

Facebook sizes on desktop

It is important that you follow these instructions to save your images. The optimal image resolution for the web should be 72 ppi.

✅ Facebook profile picture size: 170 x 170px to upload but it will appear at 160px x 160px.

✅ Facebook cover size: 851 x 315px for both Facebook personal profile and for Facebook business page. Facebook will show at 820 x 312.

✅ Facebook Fan Page Video: Optimum resolution and size is 1250 x 312 in MP4 format. Minimum duration of 20 seconds and maximum of 90.

✅ Square post image: 1200 px x 630 px. but it will shrink to 470px x 470px.

✅ Shared link images: recommended size: 1200 x 628px and it will be displayed at 484 x 252px

✅ Stories size: 1080px x 1920px.

Cover size for Facebook Events: 1.200 x 628 px.

There is no difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook personal profile but they do differ with respect to the available space.

On a Facebook page, the cover photo stands unobstructed while on a Facebook profile, the profile picture overlaps the cover photo and also call-to-action buttons appear on the bottom right. You should take this into account when you design your image.

Facebook Photo sizes on mobile

When it comes to create your images on Facebook, you must consider the different sizes for a mobile device. If you use a cover photo with too much information it might not adapt properly to your phone. So, you should consider a design that fits both devices.

▶️ Profile photo: 128 × 128 for Smartphones.

▶️ Cover photo: 640 x 360 pixels.

Adverts on Facebook Ads: Image sizes

The published images on Facebook Ads also use specific sizes.

If you want to make sure that your ad campaigns are effective and maximize the outcome, you must pay close attention to the dimensions. Facebook recommends to upload your images at 1600 x 628px. Regardless of where the ad is shown, Facebook will resize the image.c

⭐️ TIP

Remember that the text shouldn’t be greater than the 20% of the image size. 

Following, you will find a guide to the recommended Facebook image sizes for Ads. However, if you are looking for more detailed information about how to create ads, click on this link and follow the instructions.  You will also find some tips from Facebook to create an effective ad campaign.

Remember that the recommended image size for Facebook Ads must be 1600 x 628px. Continue below to learn about how Facebook will resize the images.

Desktop News Feed Ads:

✅ The image will be shown at 470 x 246px

Mobile News Feed Ads:

✅ The image will appear at 560 x 292px

Ads in Right Column:

✅ The image will display at 254 x 133px

facebook ads image size

Facebook Ads Image Size

There is a difference between promoting a post and using an ad to get more leads or guide users to the correct landing page. In this section, we focus on the recommended image sizes for promoted posts.

Desktop News Feed post:

✅ The image will be shown at 470 x 470px

Mobile News Feed post:

✅ For phones with a screen of 1136 x640px, the image will appear at 626 x 840px

Posts in the Right Column:

✅ The image will display at 254 x 133px

Image sizes for promoted posts on Facebook

Although our target on this section is to guide you on the correct image sizes when you promote a post (in contrast to the sizes used on Facebook Ads). Please, note that these sizes are also valid for non-promoted posts as well.

Best image format for Facebook

JPG or PNG? PNG, especially for large images like cover photos.

✅ You will avoid pixelated images and you will get a higher quality image.

One last tip about your images

Maximize the benefit you can get from your images on Facebook. Images are not necessarily static, use them to highlight a sporadic action or promotional ad campaign. Remember that images are alive and they can be decisive in the strategy to attract your followers, especially the cover photos on Facebook pages.

So, how are your images on Facebook? Now that you know the Facebook image sizes, you can test the dimensions.

Laura Montells

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