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Learn how to turn your Instagram Page into a Branding Channel

Kristin Savage

Kristin Savage,

Instagram has reached incredible numbers these days, being one of the favorite social media platforms of Generation Z. There are 800 million users active on Instagram every day which increases its popularity even more. Instagram is a great place where you can build your brand and bring more followers to your account. What is more, you can use Instagram to increase your sales even more than before.

But, how do you use Instagram as a powerful branding channel? There are a lot of marketing strategies available on the market, but there are just a few which can really bring results. In comparison to Facebook and Twitter, which are already oversaturated, Instagram still has a lot to offer. So, keep reading this article and learn what you need to do to increase your competitive advantage using this social media platform.


Turn Your Instagram Page into a Branding Channel


How to Turn Your Instagram Page into a Branding Channel

It is hard to ignore the power of Instagram. Even though it is not so difficult to set your account, building a brand can be a bit challenging. This article is going to show you how to achieve massive following on this social media platform and become one of the best in your niche.


Focus on content

Time is a very valuable resource for everyone nowadays. So, if you want to attract new followers, you need to create content that is right to the point and doesn’t make your followers waste their time. What is more, people are following your account because they are looking for a solution to their problem. This means that you should be diligent about your followers’ needs and create your content around your audience questions.

On the other hand, it is not enough to just post the type of content your audience wants. You can post relevant content and still no one to see it. Why? Because you didn’t choose the right time to post it. So, you can use various apps compatible with Instagram to determine which are the times when your audience is the most engaged. These are the moments when you should come up with a new post or photo that attracts their attention and brings even more followers.


Rock with your Instagram bio

If you want your Instagram profile to stand out and pop into your followers’ eyes, then you should pay attention to the tiniest details. Not all the businesses focus on their Instagram bio, considering that they can be successful even if they ignore it. In reality, creating a killing bio will help you stand out of the crowd and show your followers that you take things seriously.

You have only 150 words to show your audience they came to the right place. So, choose a language that expresses your brand’s identity. You can also choose emojis to emphasize your strong points even more. Furthermore, you can use a clear call to action statement where you include your URL and show your followers where they should click to find more about you. Finally, don’t forget to include your contact information.


Use hashtags and geotags

When you post content on Instagram, you don’t only want to engage your existing followers, but you also want to grow your audience. Therefore, apart from creating original and engaging content, you should also discover the power of hashtagging. Thus, you will become more visible for the followers who are searching for content or photos using specific keywords. This means that you should do a detailed research and find those hashtags that make your followers click and want to find more about you.

On the other hand, geotags are also extremely important if you want to be discovered locally. You can either tag the location your business is in or the place where the photo was taken. Therefore, the users who are closer to the location will notice your posts and discover your business. Geotags have also their own feed on Instagram, increasing your profile’s visibility.


Run a giveaway

Giveaways are an excellent way to attract more customers on Instagram. Some of the best comments you can get on Instagram are the ones when a user tags a friend or a relative. Therefore, your post’s engagement rate will grow. What is more, each tag will bring you even more followers and increase your visibility in the eyes of someone you have never thought to target.

When you run a giveaway, you do exactly this. You ask your followers to tag a friend or two if they want to receive the products you offer for free. So, take a look at Instagram’s promotion recommendations and the regulations in your country before you launch such an initiative. When you use giveaways in your marketing strategy you gain more followers on Instagram and you also give your loyal clients the chance to test your products and come back for more.


Turn Instagram into your shopping channel

When people find it easy to buy your products, they will most likely do so. The people who enter on your Instagram account want first to discover more about your products and brand. Then they decide whether they like and need them or not. However, if they decide to buy your products and they would need to go on your website or somewhere else to complete the purchasing process, then they most probably prefer not to do so or leave it for later.

But, you want your sales to happen fast.  So, it is very important to make Instagram shoppable. There are a lot of tools and plugins you can implement to help your followers buy your products with one single click. This is how you will easily transform a “maybe” into a “definitely yes”. Thus, you will make it very easy for your audience to buy instantly a product they want. This is a marketing strategy that brings immediate results and increases your profits.

Your brand is unique, and you know it very well. So, let Instagram bring shininess to your image and bring your marketing strategy to the next level. It just takes a bit of creativity to increase your visibility and number of followers very fast. It is very important to stay consistent and invest your time into taking your brand to the next level. Invest your resources into developing creative marketing strategies and use them to reach your target audience and increase sales.


If you want to know more about Instagram and how to create a good strategy in this social network, here you have a very complete guide:



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