Marketing for Gen Z

What is gen Z More than once you may have heard about Gen Z, but in the midst of the millennial, 90s generation concept, you've gotten a bit lost. In short, Gen Z comes after Millennials, who are gradually getting older, and comprising those born between 1994 and...

What Discord is

You have received an email from a colleague or client: "We meet at 12pm on Discord." Wait, what is Discord? Discord is a platform for communicating with other users through private or public chats known as servers. These servers already exist, and you can join them or...

TikTok Algorithm: How it works

TikTok has become one of the most used social networks of the moment. Thousands of users spend hours on TikTok and the vast majority ask themselves more than once… How to get more visibility on this social network? Well, as you already know, there is nothing magical...

Design on Instagram: create a wall that captivates by its design

Let's be clear, the design of the Instagram wall is the first thing you see when entering any profile. It is this first impression, which is not repeated twice, that can decide the interactions your publications will receive and also, whether a user will follow you or...

Guide to a Complete SEO Keyword Research [+4 extra tips]

Why keyword research is essential for your SEO and online success. Keyword research can help your online business in many ways, but the most important one is that it helps you to be found and to position your site on Google. There are millions of websites online and...

Instagram Image Size Guide [Dimensions for 2021]

Instagram is the quintessential social network for photo sharing. The quality of the images is crucial so it’s vital to choose the right image size but…what is the right image size? Let’s review the optimal sizes for use on Instagram, ready?

Raids on Twitch

One of the strengths on which the Twitch streaming platform is based is the community of streamers. For this reason, Twitch is in charge of 'connecting' the streamers so that they can collaborate with each other: ➡️ Features such as 'hosting' another channel, that is...

Fake profiles on social media

If you use social networks on a daily basis, you will probably have discovered fake profiles on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter more than once. These fake social media accounts exist and it is important to identify them so that their activity is ignored or even...

TikTok Money Calculator

Are you a TikTok star and already consider yourself an influencer? If you think that your content and the engagement you generate is enough to start making the most of your account with the TikTok Money Calculator, you can find out what your account is “worth”....

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