How to schedule on Google My Business

Do you want to plan your content on your Google My Business listing? We tell you how to do it from Metricool: schedule your posts, add images, or include links. In addition, with the autolists feature, you will always keep your profile active.

Restrict on Instagram

If you have come across a troll or a user who leaves nasty comments on your Instagram profile, you can choose to restrict their access to your account. This option is different and less restrictive than blocking, but it can be very useful! Here, we will show you how to restrict on Instagram.

What is Twitter Tip Jar

What is Tip Jar? Twitter rewards content creators with this feature which allows your followers to make a donation, or a tip, to support your content. Discover what it is and how it works.

How to unblock your Instagram account

If the platform has deactivated your Instagram account, we’ll explain what to do so the platform lift the sanctions. It can be a temporary or permanent blockage, and here you will know how to “get rid” of both.

Learn How to Make Money on Twitter

Do you want to monetize your Twitter account and generate a direct income straight to your pocket? Find out how to make money on Twitter in different ways thanks to your Twitter account and your content, using Twitter as well as other external platforms.

How to create your business profile on Instagram

Learn how to switch your personal account to a professional one to create ads and analyze the performance of your account with all the relevant data. We’ll tell you how to create an Instagram business account.

How to protect tweets on your Twitter Account

Like on any social media platform, Twitter gives you the option to protect your content from the rest of the users. You can do this by protecting your tweets and your Twitter account, so that only those that follow you can see your content. Find out how to protect tweets here.

How to hide likes on Instagram posts

If you hide the likes and shares on your Instagram profile, only you can see the number of interactions you have received on each post. In this post, we will go through how to hide likes on Instagram step-by-step, and why you may want to do it.

How to create an influencer Media Kit

A media kit is like a resume to present to brands or companies when you want to collaborate with them. Preparing something like this is not an easy task, as it requires gathering information from different sources and much analysis. To avoid spending over 10 hours gathering information and formatting it, here you have the ideal influencer media kit by Metricool.

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