Gain presence on the social network TikTok

Video applications have become a great tool for sharing content on the Internet. TikTok has revolutionized social networks and already has more than 800 million users according to Influencer Marketing Hub If you want to grow on TikTok, I recommend that you keep...

Improve your LinkedIn profile

If you have recently opened a LinkedIn account, probably you didn’t have time yet to optimize your profile. According to data from Kinsta, in March 2020 more than 500 million users were registered on this professional social network. So why should you optimize your...

How much do Influencers charge?

If you have an Instagram account for your business or online store, on more than one occasion you will have considered hiring an influencer to advertise…

Royalty-free music for Twitch

If you have been a streamer on Twitch for years, you've probably  enjoyed the absolute freedom allowed by the platform to use live music. ▶️ ️ However, Twitch is now more strict and has tightened the penalties for those streamers who use copyrighted music. In...

What is LinkedIn and what is it for

What is LinkedIn LinkedIn is a social network that was founded 2002. It currently belongs to Microsoft and is the largest professional network in the world where you can find: ➡️ 150 million active users ➡️ 200 countries in the world It is one of the most important...

LinkedIn Algorithm: what it is and how it works

As with other social networks, LinkedIn also has its own algorithm. These algorithms are responsible for managing how your publications appear to users. So if you want more visibility and reach, you need to know more about the LinkedIn algorithm and what it...

LinkedIn For Business: how to create a page

The world’s best-known social platform for professionals is LInkedIn. If you have a company, it makes sense to register  it on the most famous social network in the business world. MORE ABOUT LINKEDIN… If you are not up to date with LinkedIn check our guide to...

LinkedIn Live, What it is

LinkedIn continues to improve as a social network to connect professionals from all over the world and from different sectors and that is how LinkedIn Live was born. LinkedIn Live is a tool to broadcast live videos from the platform both from your company page and...

How to manage YouTube channels at the same time

Do you have several YouTube channels with different themes and communities? Or are you a community manager and you manage more than one YouTube channel at the same time? If this is your case or any other but you find yourself in the situation of having to manage...

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