Instagram Guides: everything you need to know

It is no longer news that Instagram adds new content formats to its platform. This is how Instagram Guides has been born, one of Instagram’s new formats so that you can publish another type of content that allows users to scroll down to see all the information. I...

Parkour influencers on Instagram

Parkour seems to be in fashion, but behind this trend that is increasingly gaining followers in the online world (with Fortnite) and in the real world with children who say: “Mom, I want to do parkour, I want to be a traceur”, there is a sport, yes a sport that...

What is a KPI and how to use it

As a marketer more than once you will have come across the term KPI. What does it mean and what can it contribute to your day-to-day marketing? Let's start from the beginning. KPI Definition The acronym KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. That is, the KPI is an...

How to monetize Instagram

Instagram is full of opportunities, and more and more people are looking to earn money through this social network. If you are one of the people who wants to monetize their Instagram account and do not know how ... This article is for you. What do you need to monetize...

Access to team members in Metricool

Do you know that with Metricool you can give access to an unlimited number of members of your team so that they can also participate in the management of digital content? That’s right, as you read ... If you are interested in adding members of your team to the...

PeakMetrics Review

Media monitoring and social listening is essential for measuring the success of a digital marketing campaign, keeping up to date on your industry and competitors, and gaining an in-depth understanding of the most relevant topics. In order to thrive in a competitive...

Hashtags for TikTok: which ones to use

Hashtags are one of the great protagonists of all social networks of the moment. It is true that some social platforms give it more prominence than others, but it is clear that they facilitate increasing traffic to your content. TikTok is a social network that has...

How to create Gifs for Instagram

Gifs are a great tool to accompany your Instagram stories: they are fun and attract attention, helping to achieve user interaction with your content. ➡️ Instagram has its own library of gifs that you can find by uploading a story to your profile. You can search for it...

Filters on TikTok

You have just started on TikTok and when you see the videos of other users you are a bit envious because they look great. How do they do that? The answer is simple, they use filters to upload their content. Wait, what are those filters? ➡️ TikTok filters are tools to...

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